Consumerist Pool's Friday Flickr Finds

Wow. You guys take some nice pictures. Here’s a few from our Flickr pool – where readers upload images for possible use in our posts – that caught our eye.

(Photo: imorgan73)

holyshitairfrance.jpg(Photo: gocarrt)

homedepotnight.jpg(Photo: cmorran123)

sanka.jpg(Photo: samwilkinson)

airplanewing.jpg(Photo: Tengaport)

marlbolo.jpg(Photo: Pirate The Bear)

In a short time, our new Flickr Pool has grown to over 200 members and 1200 photos. Wish this could be you? Jump in our Flickr pool. If we use your photo in a post, we will give you attribution and a link back to your photo. —MEGHANN MARCO

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