KFC Asks The Pope To Bless Lent-Themed Fish "Snacker"

NPR is reporting that KFC has asked the Pope (yes, the actual Pope. Not that band The Smoking Popes) to bless their Lent-themed “Fish Snacker Sandwich.” From NPR:

“The president of KFC himself sent a letter to the Vatican, asking Pope Benedict XVI to bless the company’s new “Fish Snacker Sandwich. As you know a lot of Catholics give up meat on Fridays during lent, the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter, and fish is popular substitute, so the company is trying to capitalize on this by asking for a sort of “Papal Seal of Approval.”

Bad idea, KFC. Lent is not really about marketing. —MEGHANN MARCO

‘Marketplace’ Report: KFC and the Pope [NPR]

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