Will More Fuel Efficient Cars Lead To Cheaper Beer?

Gas guzzlers don’t just spew more carbon into the air, they apparently affect the price of a cold, frosty brew:

Heineken CEO Jean-Fran

ois van Boxmeer pointed out on Wednesday that the increasing demand for grain for biofuel will put pressure on the price of grain, and by extension on malt and hop prices as well, two important raw materials.

We’re assuming he means that ethanol production is to blame for the spike in grain prices. (Corn is at a 10-year high today.)

But something seems fishy here. Beer — at least good beer — is made from barley, and we’ve never heard of barley being distilled into fuel additives. We have heard of wine being distilled into ethanol, which just seems so, so wrong… Corn remains the fuel crop of choice.

And why would the price of hops go up because of “biofuels”? Hops can’t be converted into fuel at all.

Sounds to us like Heineken is just looking for an excuse to jack up prices.

Cleaner fuel, dearer beer? [Expatica]