Meet Your Guest Bloggers

Ben is taking a break from full posting to do some work on the backend, so we’ve invited three writers to contribute in his stead.

We read these guys regularly on RSS and link upon occasion, so why not cut out the middle man? Factory direct to you, your guest bloggers, along with their blog and specialty are:

• JLP – All Financial Matters – personal finance, especially managing credit card debt like samurai ninja.
• Sam Glover – Caveat Emptor – consumer law, with a special place in his heart for debt collectors and crooked landlords.
• Mark Ashley – Upgrade Travel – traveling classy on the cheap.

Carey will be throwing down some posts as well. Give them a warm welcome and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. FMF says:

    Go, JLP, go!!!!!! ;-)

  2. acambras says:

    I think Carey’s posts so far have been great — keep up the good work!

  3. medalian1 says:

    … work on the backed?

  4. homerjay says:

    I think he means he got arrested and will be doing some time for impersonating and IDT employee impersonating a ConEd employee.

  5. RandomHookup says:

    I always knew that Ben’s references to ‘our girlfriend’ were just a smokescreen. I hope he gets his backend properly lubed and aligned.