Human Blood in KFC

A North Carolina man is claiming that there was blood in his KFC sandwich, and KFC corporate isn’t denying it. Nathan Toothman says he ate two sandwiches from KFC before opening a third, which he claims contained a smear of blood. From Abc 11:

He took the wrapper back to the KFC and showed it to the manager. He says he was met with nothing but evasiveness and defensiveness. “They didn’t want to hear it. I kept hearing it’s not blood. There’s no way that happened…it couldn’t happen here.”

Toothman says he called the general manager of this KFC and the health department. After the health department got involved, Nathan says the GM agreed to sit down with him. She asked Toothman what he wanted, and Toothman said, “I want 2 things. First of all, I want for you to take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again because it’s disgusting and it made me, you know, sick, and it is sick. And I said secondly, I would like for you to pay for me to get a blood test against all blood borne pathogens.”

He eventually got his blood test paid for by KFC, after ABC’s reporter called KFC on his behalf. —MEGHANN MARCO

Disgust Over Fast Food Order [ABC 11]

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