Comcast Leaves Customer Information Out On the Curb for Anyone To See

A Comcast office building in Memphis, TN is throwing customer information out on the street for anyone to collect, according to a local Memphis news report:

Comcast does not have a dumpster, and garbage bags sit on the curb every week. Neighbors say its not uncommon for bags to break open and the garbage spills out onto the street and into peoples yards.

Neighbors say the trash includes customers account information. This afternoon, when we looked at the piles of trash, you could see through the plastic what appeared to be customer bills.

Comcast doesn’t return calls about the problem. Can’t they afford a paper shredder?! At least make the ID thieves work for their money, Comcast. —MEGHANN MARCO

Comcast Trash Piles Up [ABC 24]

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  1. j.a.s.o.n says:

    This just brings light to the issue of the possibility of companies not taking sufficent steps to ensure that employees aren’t violating the privacy of customer information.

    It’s not enough to have a sufficiently fine shredder and have different 20-character passwords for every online site, etc. to protect our identities. How do we know that everyone else that does have legitimate access to our private information is being as diligant as they should be to protect it?

  2. acambras says:

    A few months ago a Comcast CSR tried to get me to sign up for auto-billpay via a monthly draft from my checking account. I said “no way.” Now I’m even happier about that.

    I hadn’t wanted Comcast getting their grubby hands on my checking account — I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they might now properly safeguard the information from third parties (like people walking by those trash bags).

  3. j.a.s.o.n says:

    That’s why I only do billpay from my bank’s online bill pay service. I don’t want to have to trust more than one business with my private banking information.

  4. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I’ve noticed that some companies electronically transfer funds from your checking for bill payment, even though you sent them a physical check. There’s some notice at the bottom of your bill that says your checks will be scanned/stored in their system, and the physical check will be shredded. Somehow I doubt that now.

  5. Sudonum says:

    Did Comcast just hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to score a win over Sony to advance to the next round?

  6. Haplo9000 says:

    Comcast recently took over cable and cable modem service from Time Warner here in Memphis. The results have been fairly predictable to anyone familiar with the way Comcast does things. For example, customers with Time Warner e-mail adresses are being merged to Comcast e-mail, a process they say will take “no more than 15 minutes”. Local news has been having a field day reporting stories of people losing their e-mail, Comcast being unable to find any reference to their accounts, though they are given loads of account information, phone system hell, contrasting information from CSR’s, etc.

    However, miracle of miracles, the billing system merged JUST FINE, thanks. People told by Comcast that they have no idea who they are and that they have no account with Comcast get billed every month, like clockwork.

    I never had any personal contact with Comcast until they moved into the Memphis area. I just read horror stories on sites like this. Now I get it. Comcast just sucks.

  7. MadMolecule says:

    Holy crap! I live right around the corner from that office, and pay my cable bill there.

    To their credit, I must admit the line moves pretty smoothly when I’m late with the check and have to go in there to pay it. Maybe that’s because they don’t waste time with security precautions.

  8. econobiker says:

    Comcast in Memphis? The area isn’t exactly a high tech hotbed so maybe they haven’t gotten shredders yet…

    Nashville here…