FTD.com Delivers Dead Flowers For Valentine's Day

We received several emails directing us to posts at Yahoo Shopping accusing FTD.com of making every mistake possible, such as delivering flowers before Valentine’s, not delivering flowers at all, and delivering dead flowers. FTD has a “Good As Gold” guarantee that states: “We guarantee fresh, beautiful floral arrangements and plants that will last at least seven days.” What could possibly go wrong?

Juan G. writes:

    “I ordered roses for my wife. To be delivered to her on Valentine’s Day- 2weeks before. When they arrived they were drying, everyone at her office was laughing at her receiving roses they were dead on Valentine’s Day.”

Dead flowers for Valentine’s? Surely FTD, with its “Good As Gold Guarantee,” is aware of the problem and proactively taking steps to aid wronged customers.

sanjeevkapoor2005 writes:

I sent at least 3 emails asking about the status and received no reply. It was very difficult to contact cust service. The one time I did get thru they informed me that they need to contact the local florist first.

Ok, we give up. FTD fails. A refund and an apology is in order. Maybe they could send everyone apology flowers?

Did your order for Valentine’s Day flowers make it to your Valentine? Tell us how you pulled it off in the comments. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Yahoo! Shopping (Thanks to Rich!)