Microsoft: Office Programmed Before Daylight Savings Law Changed, Appointments May Be Incorrect

If you use any Microsoft calendar programs you’ll need to download a fix to make sure your appointments display correctly. Beginning March 11, all appointments on software programmed before the Daylight Savings Law changed will display incorrect start times. From Hackzine:

For three weeks this March and April, Microsoft Corp. warns that users of its calendar programs ”should view any appointments… as suspect until they communicate with all meeting invitees.”

Wow, that’s sort of jarring — is something treacherous afoot?

Actually, it’s a potential problem in any software that was programmed before a 2005 law decreed that daylight-saving time would start three weeks earlier and end one week later, beginning this year. Congress decided that more early evening daylight would translate into energy savings.

Software created earlier is set to automatically advance its timekeeping by one hour on the first Sunday in April, not the second Sunday in March (that’s March 11 this year).

To fix it, download this.—MEGHANN MARCO

March 11 to April 1, all meetings are suspect [Hackzine]


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  1. TedSez says:

    Run for your lives, it’s Y2K II!

    Unfortunately, the sequel really doesn’t hold up to the original.

  2. donwilson says:

    Too bad they can’t issue an update to the software at all.

    Oh wait…

  3. TPK says:

    Compared to Y2K, the potential damage is certainly much less, but I predict that the actual impact will be greater than Y2K ever was.

    Y2K was well prepared for. This is just now getting out. Clocks in all sorts of equipment will be wrong for weeks, and many items are not able to be updated to reflect the new rules, and will require two manual actions to stay on the correct time.

    Many people will miss their VCR taping of American Idol, et al. They will be very unhappy.

  4. moejuda says:

    Heh, you hope your software written after 2005 will handle this…

  5. Matt says:

    I just tried this and nothing happened. Is that because my appointments are synced from my work computer which uses MS Exchange and they’ve already fixed the problem?

  6. weave says:

    This ticks me off no end. Of all of the lost opportunities the Republicans squandered over their six years in power, they just had to muck with DST, costing businesses all sorts of hassles to deal with it.

    In one mailing list I am on, one poor IT department is going nuts because they have several hundred people with PDAs and smartphones all over the world that they have to somehow track down and update with a patch.

    Thank you GOP for something that won’t make a lick of difference. When it doesn’t get light until after 7am everyone will just run their house lights longer in the morning instead. Energy savings will probably be near nil.

  7. TPK says:

    Interesting….. in the House, 20% of the Democrats voted FOR the bill, and 10% of the Republicans voted against. Three in ten representatives “switching sides”… not exactly what you could call a one-sided vote…

  8. TechnoDestructo says:

    DST is one of the most fucking idiotic inventions in the history of mankind.

    If there’s one thing I like about Arizona, it’s that they don’t bother.

  9. d0x says:

    This isnt just a MS software problem. This effects any software that uses date keeping. Most of which has yet to be patched to fix this odd issue our Gov decided to create.