Valentine's Day Retail Love Triangle: Pier 1's New CEO Slaps Restraining Order on TJ Maxx

Yes, just in time for Valentine’s Day, a tale of love lost, betrayal and perhaps even revenge. Former TJ Maxx executive vice president, Alex Smith has left his post at TJ Maxx and begun a new life as CEO of spiraling-into-the-dirt home furnishings merchant Pier 1. Sadly, TJ just doesn’t want to let Alex go. From Reuters:

Pier 1 Imports Inc. said on Tuesday it had received a temporary restraining order that would prevent TJX Cos. Inc. from filing a lawsuit against Pier 1’s new President and Chief Executive Alex Smith….
On Monday, a Pier 1 spokesman said in a statement the company was trying to stop TJX from interfering with Smith’s new employment agreement. Such threats were “improper,” said spokesman Tom Thomas, because the two companies are not competitors.

The restraining order was necessary “to assure that Alex will be at his post next Monday to oversee the beginning of Pier 1’s return to profitability,” said Thomas.

Look TJ, Pier 1 just wants you to let Alex go so they can move on. Ok? You’re embarrassing yourself.

Unfortunately, TJ Maxx didn’t return calls for comment. They were too busy painting over Smith’s parking spot and ripping up old prom photos. Happy Valentine’s Day.—MEGHANN MARCO

UPDATE 1-Pier 1 says gets restraining order against TJX [Reuters]


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  1. Dustbunny says:

    Pier1 is spiraling-into-the-dirt?? Say it ain’t so! I loove Pier 1.

  2. kimdog says:

    I worked for Pier 1 as a store manager for 7 years from the mid-90’s to the early 00’s. Overall, they were a pretty good company to work for, but they had a hard time figuring out their place in the market. When I first started working there, they were having phenomenal growth. For some reason, they thought that this meant they were on par with Pottery Barn/ Crate&Barrel, and started to raise their prices accordingly. Well, there was an immediate drop in sales, so they back pedaled into being a more mid-level home store.

    However, Target really started hurting them in the late 90’s, with similar merchandise at lower price points. And Pier 1 has always suffered in the advertising department. They were late to the game with commercials (I think the first commercials ran in the the late 90’s). At first, they were just terribly boring. Then they got Kirtie Alley as a spokesperson (pre Fat Actress) and the commercials were just weird. Next came Thom from Queer Eye, but those were boring too.

    I will watch with interest to see what this new guy will do.

  3. Chairman-Meow says:

    Oh golly, isn’t this the same TJ Maxx as TJX corporation ? Gee, didn’t they just get through being some hacker’s bitch for six months ?

  4. acambras says:

    Face it, TJ — he’s just not into you.

  5. SexCpotatoes says:

    I got a new Debit card because my fucking information was swiped, from 2003! What the fuck?! Thanks a lot TJ Ass. I really needed to learn a new number and have a new pin to remember. Oh, if your jeans weren’t always on clearance in my size, I’d never talk to you again, you bastards. I’ll only give you small amounts of cash like the whore you are…