Select Dell Models Come With Free Electric Shock

Dude, you’re getting a shock. An electric shock. If you have a Dell 9400, e1705, m1710, m90, or 6400, and a two-pronged power adapter, Dell has a special hidden feature just for you:

    “I recently had my laptop a Dell 9400 replaced because it was giving off between 19 and 65 volts AC off any screw on the bottom of the laptop.

    I am seriously concerned for myself and any [other] owners at this point. When I am using the laptop on my lap, my wife says I feel like a 9 volt battery.

    On my first laptop, this problem lead to the death of my RAM and my Video Card.”

The problem seems to stem from an improperly grounded power adapter. The solution is to call Dell and replace your two-pronged adapter with a properly grounded three-pronged one. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

ATTN: All Dell 9400/e1705/m1710/m90 owners!!! [Notebook Forums] (Thanks to Matt!)

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