Sprint Gives Better Adjustments To More Profitable Customers, Ranked On A Scale From One Dollar Sign To Five Dollar Signs

The more money you make Sprint, the more likely they are to you adjustments on your bill when you ask for them, regardless of whether the adjustment is due to a Sprint error. In the computer, your “value indicator” is represented on a scale of one dollar sign to five dollar signs, with five being the highest. Our Sprint corporate mole tells more.

benpopken: do more profitable customers get better adjustments? how much “more profitable” do you have to be?
philip: Oh yes
philip: In fact
philip: Every customer has a Value Indicator
benpopken: there we go
philip: This is where we start talking about items I could be terminated for
philip: Customers are measured by a Value Indicator that ranges from $ to $$$$$.
benpopken: hahahah
benpopken: at least cingular has a thermometer
philip: I can tell you how the metric is determined though. The formula takes into account the customer’s length of service with the company, the amount of adjustments requested in the last 12 months, and the amount of the average bill.


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