Fake Vehicle Warranty Renewal Card Confuses Consumers

Reader Jason opened his mail and what did he see? An official looking notice from the “Warranty Notification Department.” Oh no! Was it a recall? The notice had the correct make and year of his vehicle as well as an “owner identification number”, so Jason considered calling, until he remembered the Consumerist:

It was marked as an “IMPORTANT VEHICLE NOTIFICATION” and advised us to call a toll free number and have our current milage available. It warned that this was “DATED MATERIAL” and we needed to “RESPOND IMMEDIATELY”. The return address was from the “Warranty Notification Dept.”

My first thought was just to give them a quick call, but luckily for me your website has made me more leery of things like this. I decided to Google the phone number first. (1-800-376-7044)

What did Jason find? It seems that warranty renewal companies like this have been preying on consumers with official looking notices telling you that you have only hours, hours! to renew your warranty and that include publicly available information obtained from the State Department of Transportation in order to seem more authentic. It’s just a sales pitch! Don’t fall for this! —MEGHANN MARCO

Full Scan Of Warranty Card

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