Walmart's Video Download Service Predictably Sucks

We tried to take a look at Walmart’s new video download service, but hey, guess what. It doesn’t work in Firefox. So our review is this:

• This sucks and doesn’t work in Firefox.

Also, BoingBoing tells us that if we could actually access the site, we’d be “paying $20 for a 240X320 movie in a DRM-laden Windows Media file that won’t play on a Zune or an iPod, or a computer running Mac or Linux.” Yeah, no thanks.—MEGHANN MARCO

Wal-Mart’s New Download Service How Many Ways Doth It Suck [BoingBoing]


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  1. lazyazz says:

    Has Consumerist looked at its own ‘After the Jump’ section in FireFox?

  2. RumorsDaily says:

    He’s got you on that one.

  3. Chongo says:

    @lazyazz – Everything works fine for me… Using G4 Quicksilver with Safari & Firefox

  4. lazyazz says:

    Everything always works fine on a Mac:)

  5. thejbs says:

    wow- the site looks like digital vomit on my system

  6. Meg Marco says:

    Works fine for me with Firefox? Send us bug report emails, please. tips at

  7. RickyF says:

    I have now tried the iTunes, Amazon Unbox and Wal-mart video downloads.

    1st Place goes to Amazon Unbox
    2nd Place goes to iTunes

    Wal-mart doesn’t even place. Prices are too high, requirements to add a special downloader and the difficulty I am having in downloading make me think the Wal-mart service is DOA

  8. mstngo says:

    I knew this was going to be a bust for Wal Mart. The store website is pretty bad for a retailer of their caliber.

  9. adamondi says:

    Good thing they put that “BETA” tag up at the top of the page. That way, they don’t have to make sure the site works correctly. They can just chalk it up to “We’re still in beta” rather than having to file it under “We suck because we don’t adequately test our product before releasing it to the public.”

    Is anyone else getting really tired of everyone jumping on the “beta” bandwagon rather than making sure their crap works?

  10. rachmanut says:

    @lazyazz @meghannmarco, @ingen,

    (when did the @ become convention?)

    consumerist’s after the jump looks bad for me too (firefox, mac) but then again i have adblock…when i disable adblock the box looks fine, but of course there are the ads…

  11. d0x says:

    Best video download service by far in terms of price and quality is Xbox Live via Xbox360. The selection isnt huge but being able to download and watch TV shows and movies in HD is very nice and you can watch while its streaming.

    It takes about an hour before you can start watching a movie in HD that has a file size around 6 gigs (10 min for 1hr tv show) or about 3 min for a SD movie and almost instantly for a SD tv show.

  12. krunk4ever says:

    Not trying to discourage people from making websites that work on Firefox, but practically NO online movie/tv download service works in Firefox.

    There’s some like iTunes that require a seperate application. Others like Netflix and Movielink require an active X control that you need to install in IE.

  13. slolobdill44 says:

    well, ive never really considered walmart an innovative company. it always seems to take a while for big companies who aren’t up with “the newest thing” to catch up to the trendsetters

  14. Mr. Gunn says:

    Meghann – Firefox users with Adblock see the “read more” box overlapping the bottom of the post. I don’t exactly expect y’all to go out of your way to help people blocking your ads. Anyways, there are some userstyles for the Stylish extension that take care of that and make a couple other little visual tweaks.

    lazyazz – Everything works fine, until it doesn’t. What’s your point?

    rachmanutt – The @ thing is not convention; It’s people attempting to be cute. Better to simply use a dash if you don’t want to bother linking to the comment.

    krunk – Sounds to me like you got a PEBKAC error, dude. Try Vongo.

  15. buckaroobanzai says:

    thats hilarious! looks like they might have messed up the link to the css files in the header.

    the funny thing is that they haven’t even fixed anything yet. i want to make sites for wal mart!

  16. pestie says:

    Netflix requires ActiveX now? I used to use it in Mozilla back in 2000-2002. Oh well – guess I’ll have to keep downloading movies with Bittorrent.

  17. lazyazz says:

    @rachmanut @meghannmarco @ingen @Mr. Gunn,

    Thanks rachmanut, I too have Adblock. When i disable it it looks fine (but is quite annoying w/the ad’s).

    Apologies Meghan.

    No point Mr. Gunn, just trying (unsuccessfully) to be humorous.