Trouble Commenting? Try This

Many readers emailed about having difficulty logging and leaving comments the past couple of days. If this should happen to you, try this:

1. Refresh the cache
2. Exit the browser
3. Reopen the browser
4. Log into comments again

Sorry for the technical difficulties. Growing pains! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. TJF says:

    I found today that if you use the keyboard to tab between the boxes (and use the spacebar to put a check in the “remember me” box), when you check the “remember me” box, it adds a space to your password…not sure if it applies to everyone, but once I noticed it and used my mouse to move between boxes, I was able to log in here (and deadspin) without an issue.

  2. Sayana says:

    If you do not like your job and the employer, just have your employer buy you a laptop with Microsoft Vista installed. And make sure you buy it from Best Buy. Considering Vista’s incredibly poor performance, your productivity will drop over 100 % (whatever that means)and the Employer will be mad at you because most others in the company are working with XP and your system does not work with them. If you bought it at Best Buy, it is even better. The Geek Squad will love to see you visit them frequently; boy! do they love Vista? It has gained them so many new customers who visit them so often.

    With all these problems you will generate by buying Vista with company money, the employer will fire you – wallah! your problem solved! No more a job you do not like and employer you do not want to work for.

  3. Sayana says:

    Watch out for CitiCard. It has set a November deadline to optout from Citicard. Many cardmembers will end up paying 25%+ to 41%+ on their balances if they do not opt out. You are better off opting out and shop for new card next year after the new rules are in affect.

    In any case, taxpayers have already paid their balances in the form of a gigantic “bailout.” What is CitiBank talking about? No one owes Citibank anything.

  4. Sayana says:

    You do not owe any balance on your Citicard prior to the Gigantic “Bailout.”
    Taxpayers wiped out Citicard’s perceived losses and paid most executives exhorbitant bonuses for screwing up real bad. By doing so, taxpayers effectively paid off their balances on cards and mortgages. Citibank made record profits right after that (all that bailout money). So, the taxpayers do not owe any balance amount to Citibank prior to the bailout! Demand justice.