Save Big Money On Paint: If You Don't Care About The Color

Need some paint for your garage, basement or perhaps the bedroom of an unfavored child? Don’t care about the color? Great! Curbly suggests you try buying paint leftover from mistakes in the mixing process at your local hardware store or:

The other great place to look is your local sanitation department. Most cities have specific divisions that deal with paints, since you can’t just toss them in a landfill. In Alameda, CA, it’s a garage full of five-gallon buckets of paint, wall to wall. They’ll just let you take what you want in most cases. They have to dispose of it somehow anyway!

Little whats-his-name will be so happy you saved money, he won’t even notice that his room is tow-zone yellow. —MEGHANN MARCO

Save Tons Of Money on Paint, If The Color Doesn’t Really Matter [Curbly]