10 Things You Can Do With Your Microwave Other Than Cook

In response to the University of Florida study that showed that microwaving sponges kills 99.9% of bacteria (p.s. they’re supposed to be wet) the Guardian has compiled a list of 10 things one can do with a microwave other than cook. Our favorites:

•Get more juice out of lemons and limes, by softening them on high for 15-20 seconds.

•Get extra life out of a dried-up mascara stick by heating for 30-40 seconds on high – with a cup of water in the microwave beside it for safety’s sake.

•Warm plates – though not if they’ve got metal edges or decoration. Sprinkle each one with water and pile them up. Heat on high for around 30 seconds.

Our dad is obsessed with that last one. He’d warm salad plates if Mom would let him.—MEGHANN MARCO

You use your microwave to cook? How pass

. . .[Guardian via Hackzine]

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