T.J. Maxx Gets Class Actioned For Credit Card Breach

A class action lawsuit was filed yesterday against TJ Maxx for allowing millions of customer’s credit cards to be stolen in a Jan. 17. security breach.

Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin LLP, and another firm are suing for credit-monitoring services as well as any damages incurred.

Credit cards stolen in the breach have been used in Florida, Georgia, and Louisana, as well as Hong Kong and Sweden. Driver’s license data was stolen as well.

Hundreds of thousands of credit cards have been reissued due to the theft.

If you shopped at TJ Maxx mid-May to December 2006, or at all in 2003, check your statements carefully and report if purchases seem amiss. — BEN POPKEN

Class action suit filed against TJX [Boston.com via Adfreak]

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  1. infinitysnake says:

    I was one of these, after shopping at Marshall’s. It’s a big PITA, but I don’t think customers have to wait to hear the news- my bank sent me a new card and cut off my old one with less than two week’s notice over this. I can’t say I’m too thrilled about needing to learn a new pin, but Visa is being pretty responsible, IMHO.

  2. Little Mintz Sunshine says:

    Wait…hypothetically speaking of course, if a friend or a co-worker, you know, someone not me, joins the class action lawsuit then does said friend or co-worker have to publically admit to shopping at TJ Maxx?

  3. chrisburp says:

    Right, $6.00 for the customers who got screwed, millions $$$ for the lawyers…

  4. mrwilson says:

    By the way, one does not typically have to “join” a class action suit. In most instances, once a class is certified by the court, someone fitting within the class definition is automatically a member of the class unless that person affirmative opts out of the class.

  5. FishingCrue says:

    My CC only notified me after I called them on an unrelated matter. Great job Citibank. No charges so far.

  6. reginae says:

    My credit union issued me a new VISA debit card right away, within days of the story breaking. New # is a pain, but it’s nothing compared to dealing with fraudulent charges.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    Let’s just expect this will be a new trend…every 6 months or so, your credit card number will be compromised and you’ll get a new card and credit monitoring service.

  8. BMR says:

    i hope they need to explain why they hold on to customer CC in the first place. no reason to hold for more that 24 hours if you ask me. any longer and they are just asking for trouble.