February Is Time To Start Thinking About Your Garden

Sounds crazy, but soon it will be the time to start planning a garden and starting your seeds. Since we live in Brooklyn and, you know, don’t have a garden, we’ll leave it up to Get Rich Slowly to break it down. If you’re new to gardening, he suggests you start with herbs:

Herbs are one of the most forgiving classes of plants to grow — almost as easy as weeds — especially the hardy perennial herbs. Except for excessively moist soil and total shade, almost any conditions will support herbs. They thrive in sunny, dry areas. Herbs are also some of the most frugal crops you can grow because they are outrageously priced at the grocery store and can be used to make even basic ingredients into a stand-out meal. It’s worth the cost to start with herb plants rather than seeds so that you can use them right away.

We’re dreaming of basil! Lots more tips at Get Rich Slowly. —MEGHANN MARCO

Gardening 101: Plan Today for Summer Success [Get Rich Slowly]

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