Dell: Sorry About The Website Glitch

Dell’s Customer Advocate just wrote us to let us know that the receipt sent in by reader Jonathan was the result of a website glitch and provides her contact information to anyone else experiencing problems with Dell’s site:

I work for Dell headquarters in Round Rock, TX and would like to provide assistance. Though this circumstance is not very common, this error may have occurred when our weekly promotions are being updated and refreshed to the website. Please be assured, our online marketing team is very engaged when issues like these arise and work fast to fix the error. I appreciate the concern you have noted and will forward this information to our website team as feedback. If you have any other readers who have encountered this error and is it being incorrectly reflected on their order, please contact me directly. Send your order number to customer_advocate [at] dell [dot] com. Thanks and have a great day!

Best Regards,
Dell Customer Advocate
Email: Customer_Advocate [at] dell [dot] com

Boy, she seems really nice and helpful. We wish all our emails were that nice and helpful.—MEGHANN MARCO

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