15 Reasons To Jump On The Vista Bandwagon

The world is divided on Windows Vista, it’s the next new thing, or it’s Microsoft suicide. The fact is, Vista is coming. In 4 days.

Lifehacker directs us to PC World where they have no less than 15 reasons to switch to Vista…written by a person who wrote a book about Vista. Oh, well. We’re trying to remain positive here.

It seems that there are a lot of little reasons to switch rather than one big one. Better networking, better interface, flippy 3D windows that look like something rejected from the movie Minority Report, better performance, and improved security. Just make sure you get the correct version.—MEGHANN MARCO

Windows Vista: 15 Reasons To Switch [PC World via Lifehacker]


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  1. Gina Trapani says:

    OT: Holy redesign, Batman! When did this happen? A great improvement, if I may say.

  2. Meg Marco says:

    Doesn’t it just make you smile? It happened yesterday!

  3. JosephFinn says:

    Wow – what a nice screenshot of Max OS X!

  4. JosephFinn says:

    Mac OS X. Damnit.

  5. FLConsumer says:

    Geee.. Vista does everything Linux has been doing for some time…or can be done with XP and some add-ons, without the huge hardware requirements and oppressive DRM / Microsoft-remotely-controlled drivers and expensive costs of Vista. No thanks Microsoft. I’ll be sticking with my modded XP & linux systems for another 5 years. Maybe by then you’ll have an OS that is just an OS and doesn’t try to do everything. I’ll buy software to make movies if that’s what I want to do.

    I find the timing of this artcile funny as I’m currently taking a stack of old laptops and reloading them with *nix to give them some new life. 233MHz, 64MB-128MB of RAM, 10GB HDDs. They’re outright speedy with the right OS. For farting around on the ‘net, listening to MP3s, IMing, and typing up documents, these older laptops work fine and are faster than some of the bloatware-loaded brand new PCs I’ve seen. For those interested, I’m using DamnSmallLinux on them. It runs (okay, it’ll load but isn’t the most fun) on a 486 with 16MB of RAM, so anything faster and it becomes useful. FWIW, DamnSmallLinux can be used as a LiveCD, so you can just boot right off the CD without touching / erasing / formatting your HDD. When you’re sick of it you can just reboot without the CD and life’s back to normal.

  6. forgeten says:

    heh the first reason to get vista is because it looks like a mac. The cost of vista would go a long way towards just buying a mac, if mac-like is the best reason to switch.

  7. olegna says:

    #1.) It’s the Interface, Stupid.

    My response: It’s the performance, idiot.

    #2.) Windows flippy 3-D doohickey.

    My initial response: Wow!

    Five-seconds later: If my Photoshop runs better without stuff like this, then hold the fries.

    #3.) Live thumbs.

    My response: And why do I care if the video plays in a 0.5-X-0.5-inch thumbnail image? Is this why I need 2 ggis of RAM for optimal performance?

    #4.) Ready boost.

    My reaction: This actually sound cool, provided that a 4-gig thumb driver is the equivalent to 4-gig of on-board RAM, or at least half that. My suspicion is that I will be unimpressed by the performance boost. I hope I am pleasantly surprised.

    #5.) Cool Performance Tools

    My reaction: I barely use “plenty of charts” and CPU monitors as it is. I never use Windows performance tools. One of the reasons why I love using Windows-based systems is I don’t have to rely on one maker, but can pick from a lot of third-party software and freeware. I don’t see this doing anything for me, but cluttering my desktop with performance widgets I’ll eventually hide.

    #6.) Better Security

    My reaction: Considering that I haven’t had a snark in years. I’ve moved past opening unsolicited email attachments, downloading viruses from Napster porn, etc. And Norton does all my computer maintenance. Better security sound like annoying popups.

    #7.) Fast Search

    Microsoft offers a fast search for WXP. Works fine.

    #8.) Widgets shmidgets.

    #9.) Better wireless networking.

    It’s going to be a while before I have Vista on a laptop. And the wireless networking I have now works fine for the times I need to be seen by others looking all intellectual and stuff at the neighborhood Starbucks. (That one not the other one.) Besides, the next time I need to check email in an airport lounge, I have a strange feeling it’s going to be with my Treo.

    #10.) Network Mapping.

    I still haven’t quite figured out what that is. I know it has something to do with something I really don’t need. If I need to move files, I’m pretty OK by using my thumb drives or Bluetooth. This sounds like a business application to me.

    #11.) Photo Gallery.

    Being a graphics guy, I am faithful and happy with Photoshop for all image edits. Also, the Image viewer that comes with Office 2007 seems to be a great improvement on image browsers of the past. If the Vista image browser was able to read ALL image formats, including EPS, AI, PSD, etc. I would be extremely impressed. Otherwise: eh.

    #12.) Movie Maker.

    Hmmmm. You know, there was a time in my teens when I would have loved to link together all my pornographic clips into one carefully edited stream of wank material. Fortunately, I’ve grown out of that. But, you know, making vacation movies to torture my family and friends? I don’t know. I can see the sale-ability of this feature, but, hey, scrapbooking is in style. Which would you rather have, some slick template-based MPEG of Aunt Nadine’s Bahamas cruise, or a scrapbook of photos, hand drawings, and collages. Something to hold. If this is about making family memories, it’s just kind of, well, Korean or something to do that on a computer. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just don’t do a whole lot of movie editing.

    #13.) Better notebook support.

    Yay, now Windows and whatever notebook support softwqare comes with your laptop can fight over your memory. OK, to be fair, maybe this is cool, but I’m not getting Vista in a notebook for a while.

    #14.) File sharing.

    This might be good, but only if I can hook up to my friend’s MacBook in Buenos Aires. If it’s only Windows-to-Windows, then I’ll just use the myriad of online filesharing services out there.

    #15.) I don’t have kids, but even if I did I wouldn’t use a computer to do my job as a parent by instituting censoring tools. That New York Times writer that exposed that child porn case had a great system for controlling his child’s surfing habits: he told his son that all surfing history had to be maintained on the browser. If the history was ever deleted, he would suspend the kid’s computing habits. Same rules applied to IM – and that all IM friends had to be people the kid knows personally and the parent had met. The dad also prohibits webcams, which, if you think about it, pretty much can only be used for bad stuff in the hands of a 13-year-old. These parental controls are bollocks. They provide adults with a false sense of security. My reaction: I don’t care because I’ll disable whatever built in filtering is going on.

    Geez, the more I read the more I regret plopping down $79 for the “free” upgrade.

  8. olegna says:

    And I agree: Windows doesn’t have to emulate Mac. I prefer it didn’t. Not that I think Windows is ugly, but it’s not as pretty as Mac. So what? (Actually, my all-black Core 2 Duo generic build with a black 22-inch horizontal flat-screen monitor looks like it should be sitting at CTU headquarters cracking scrambled messages from al-Qaeda — it’s actually quite sexy, and my Windows XP classic style with a clean widget-free desktop — it’s actually not that bad looking… add to that all the myteriously unrecognizable small quick-loading third-party software and, to be honest, my Windows desktop is way sexier and easier to use than your iMac (I know because I have one of those, too and apprently I can’t pry open the box to change a hard drive without some special f**king tool!!! User friendly, indeed.)

    Anyway, I am beginning to suspect that Vista may be a superficial upgrade — a “Mac like” skin that hogs memory and lowers the performance of your actual tools.

  9. pestie says:

    I’ll stick with Ubuntu Linux, thanks.

  10. xdabomb911 says:

    I think people should definitely wait before upgrading to Vista. It’s nothing to get excited about. At least give it 4-5 months and see what problems people are having with their computer upgrades.

  11. zentec says:

    I can’t get excited about a Windows release. I used to be a Microsoft fan-boy, but it faded into tolerance, then moved to ambivalence and then finally, to mistrust. You can’t trust the software, and you can’t trust the company. Microsoft doesn’t release anything that is in my interest, only in Microsoft’s interest. “People Ready Software”; yeah, ready the people for the fleecing.

    I find it odd that sites, ostensibly pro-consumer sites, are hawking Vista when it’s patently obvious Vista employs harsher restrictions and DRM on material you may already own and further tightens the licensing noose on people who have paid to use the software.

    It’s great there’s all those features and that great gee-whiz look of Aero, but I think consumers need to know what they may be giving up in the process.

  12. cynon says:

    Um… yeah. There are about a thousand reasons not to switch to Vista. Do a little research. You can start here:

    If you still want to switch then go fer it. Just realize that you’re gloming onto the DRM bandwagon, since Hollywood practically wrote this OS.

  13. ValEl says:

    I could have sworn I was looking at a Mac OS X screenshot. What’s that on the right hand side? Dashboard? Thanks, I’ll pass. I’d rather be the freak with my apple than a starry-eyed bandwagon jumper.

  14. If your computer is more than a year old or so, you’ll need to spend significantly on upgrades to get all the cool eye-candy as highlighted in the screenshot.

    In fact, most reviewers are just saying “get a new machine”.

    So, if you’re going to buy a new computer, why not get an Apple, which can run XP, Vista, Linux, and comes with the Mac OS – much more secure than Windows in the first place?

    iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie HD…Macs come with a lot of very nice software, too – stuff that’s already better than what Vista touts.

    Just sayin’.

  15. Legodude522 says:



  16. FLConsumer says:

    Liberal: easy reason not to get a Mac: You know how to spell words & programs without having to put a useless “i” in front of everything.

    FWIW, MacOS runs on Intel chips (like Dell laptops) if you get really bored. Far less expensive hardware, same MacOS if you actually like annoying bouncing icons and limited control over the computer.

    You still won’t find me touching Vista for a loooong time, as in when I can no longer find WinXP CDs.

    Does anyone know what annoying anti-consumer activation/”genuine advantage” crap Vista has in it? I’m sure it must have a ton of it.

  17. Xkeeper says:

    Every time I walk through Fry’s I play a little with the Macs to see if I can get used to the interface.

    Having bouncing icons with no title that grow and shrink and whiz all over the place sucks.

    Windows XP’s “classic” (i.e., 95-style) theme is far superior, as is having the taskbar on the side. No bouncing icons, none of this “nameless icon bullshit” (I prefer to have my windows accurately named and iconed in a taskbar), and none of this “use a console to install anything” or “compile your favorite programs and recompile the kernel when you change something” bullshit that Linux comes attached with.

    I’ll stick with XP/2000 for now. Vista looks pretty, but I hog up all my memory as it is with about 27 instances of MS Paint and EditPlus (pixel artist + programmer = funtastic) anyway.

    Besides, I prefer to not have my stuff locked away by DRM or “excessive rights removal”.

  18. Xkeeper says:

    And before you ask, yes, I’ve tried Linux. I hated it for the whole two months I was forced to use it (my 98 installation got shot — not suprising as I basically moved it from one computer to another) and it was full of bugs and other bullshit.

    My experiences with Macs elsewhere has also led me to hate it, due to the unintuitiave design features. I don’t know whose idea it was to list a bunch of apps at the bottom of the screen and put a tiny, nigh-invisible arrow for which ones are running, but they need shot. Preferrably in the head.

  19. batasrki says:

    Other than what’s been posted in the above two comments, I can only add that for me the move to Vista was predicated on the new features of the OS, features that have since been cut out. The filesystem, although not revolutionary since a journaling filesystem exists in Linux for god-knows-how-long, would have been a great improvement to Windows. Instead, MS predictably decided to leave in the eye candy and remove anything remotely useful. As pestie said, I’ll stick with Ubuntu, and if I want the 3D stuff, I’ll install a Linux library that will let me do that.

  20. FLConsumer says:

    Anyone know when MS’ next OS after Vista will be released?