Comcast Does Away With “All Day” Waiting

Comcast has begun narrowing the window of time customers have to wait for technicians, says the Wall Street Journal.

    Comcast Corp., the country’s largest cable provider by customers, with 24 million, has phased out all-day waiting and narrowed appointment times to two-hour or four-hour windows, depending on technician or customer availability. In some areas, it has also added appointments starting as early 6:30 in the morning. Cox Communications Inc., another leading provider, offers two-hour time frames and has tested waiting windows as small as 45 minutes in its New England market. And Time Warner Inc.’s cable division has been expanding its “call to meet” appointments, whereby the technician calls a customer while he or she is en route to the home so the customer doesn’t have to wait around.

It seems that cable companies in general are trying to improve their image with customers. We wish them luck, as their industry is one of the most hated around. —MEGHANN MARCO

Finally, The Cable Guy Is Getting With The Program [WSJ]


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