Cancel Cingular By Buying A Phone And Returning It???

This is either this is an isolated incident or a reader Josh tells us a new cool way to get your Cingular service canceled: buy a new phone and return it.

Recently I purchased a new phone from Cingular because my RAZR’s screen quit working. I decided after having the phone for 2 days that I did not like it and went back to the store and returned the unit. In order to cancel the contract renewal that I had signed up for in order to get the price deal, I had to call customer service. When I was talking to him, he was willing to cancel the ENTIRE contract, even though my original had 6 months left on it. I didn’t realize what he was doing until he said something about shutting off the number, and I had to quickly stop him.

Maybe this would be a deal for people to get out of their Cingular contracts? Sign a new deal to get the new phone, return the phone, and cancel the contract. Pretty sweet huh?

For those who don’t like quoting Supreme Court opinions or moving to Cambodia, this could be an easier way to get out of contract, albeit, an unverified one. — BEN POPKEN