VIDEO: AT&T Tech Steals Customer’s Oranges

Brian spotted an AT&T tech “fixing” something in his back alley for the past three days. Turns out, the tech was fixing himself lunch, using his truck’s ladder to steal oranges from a customer’s tree.

So Brian made a little video.

Brian had the frame of mind to put a soundtrack, clever pictures and text, and his logo on it. He did not have the frame of mind to get a closeup on the tree so we could confirm it holds oranges. Nor did he have the frame of mind to go out and confront the tech on camera. A shame.

Brian should be more considerate. Maybe the AT&T techs have scurvy. — BEN POPKEN

AT&T: Raising The Bar, Then Swiping Your Fruit [Gizmodo]


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  1. Scazza says:

    …No, Verizon will just steal our soul…

    Funny stuff, I would love to see how they PR spin this one…

    “We have sent a gift basket of orange-like products to the customer as repayment, however repairs on his telephone line will be complete within the week.”

  2. Antediluvian says:

    To be fair, do we know that the orange tree owner (who is not the video maker) didn’t give the tech permission? Maybe the tech is a friend of the tree owner. Maybe he even lives there (doubt it). Did Brian ask his neighbor about it?

    (spoiler) I really liked the last bit about “___ would never ___ my ____!”

    Although for the soundtrack, I think Sir Mixalot rhymed Honda and Fonda w/ regards to butt size years ago. I dunno who this guy is or whether the artist gives props to Sir Mix for going first.

  3. maddypilar says:

    That’s what I was going to say, Antediluvian. To be fair, since the person making the video didn’t go out and confront the guy we don’t know that the tech wasn’t even doing the neighbor a favor. I mean can you reach to the top of your orange tree without that truck and ladder apparatus? Maybe the tree owner offered them to him so his lawn would not be littered with rotting oranges.

  4. mrmysterious says:

    Smart guy…stock up now since citrus prices are going to be going through the roof with the crop damage in CA.

    On a more serious note an orange that falls off and is on the sidewalk is probably fair game, but picking it off the tree in someones yard is probably theft.

  5. Vinny says:

    I’d have to agree… Without context, we really have no idea what the backstory of the orange picking really is…

  6. I used to have a Verizon guy come over and pick pears at my office.

    Of course he asked first and I told him sure.

  7. apollonia666 says:

    Context? Do you really need context to know whether it’s okay for this guy to use the company truck this way, whether they’re his oranges or someone asked him to do it or whatever? I’m guessing orange-picking isn’t part of his job description.

  8. Kornkob says:

    *shrug* I can’t think of anyone who has access to company resources who doesn’t use them for personal benefit once in a while. And most of the time the bosses don’t care unless it impacts performance or breaks the equipment.

    How many people, for instance, visit this site from work?

  9. If it does turn out he’s stealing the oranges I want that last frame with the AT&T logo on a t-shirt.

  10. Scott in DC says:

    I kinda like that song… anyone know who/what it is?

  11. Hoss says:

    In the summer months, the guys that cut my lawn routinely take my green tomatoes (and eat them at 7am!). Not a problem for me — I occasionally bag the rip ones for them to take home.

    But if they made as much as the guy in this cherry picker — then I’d have a problem.

  12. spanky says:

    Scott in DC: That’s Mickey Avalon’s Jane Fonda.

  13. ElizabethD says:

    In yur tree
    Stealin yur oranges

  14. asdfasdf says:

    Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot…

  15. Vinny says:

    apollonia666: If it was some elderly woman or something and he was helping out, how about then?

    Truthfully, I’d have a major problem if he’s stealing stuff, but let’s be honest… We don’t know for sure he is.

    As far as using company property, etc., who gives a damn?

  16. squidhat says:

    I like the context argument. For all we know this is part of a new AT&T product, fruit picking. Aren’t those bucket trucks sometimes called cherry pickers?

  17. kenposan says:

    In this case, orange pickers. :-)

    I believe it is important for companies to diversify and AT&T is doing just that. They already have the trucks so why not offer tree picking and pruning as a service?

  18. sleze69 says: