Dealership Disappeared, Can I Return My Truck To Chevrolet?

Terry would like to return his new 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche with only 70 miles on it. The only problem is that when he drove it back to the dealership, they found an empty lot. The dealership had gone out of business.

Terry wants to know what chance he has of returning the car to Chevrolet itself.

Before answering, we first looked for inspiration from the mighty snow pig flying in hell.

Terry could try calling Chevy Customer Assistance Center at 1.800-222-1020 and explain the situation.

If that’s fruitless, Terry may have no choice but to sell the truck.

Always scope the dealership out first to make sure they’re legit, and not on the verge of shuttering up the windows.

Terry’s note is inside…

UPDATE: The name and address of the business was: Ridgedale Chevrolet, 108 Ridgedale Avenue, Morristown, NJ.

Terry writes:

    “Dear Sir:

    Recently we purchased a new 2007 Chevolet Avalanche at a local dealership in Morristown, New Jersey. After the three day grace period, we decided to return the vehicle. We were met instead with leaving “voicemail” as neither the general manager, or salesperson was available. We had contacted the dealership numerous occasions from the time that we purchased the vehicle. Finally, yesterday, I drove to the dealership to speak to the manager in person, after weeks of no one having the courtesy to extend a call to us. Frustrated and disappointed in the Ridgedale Dealership in Morristown, we were met with an abandoned dealership as they had closed and gone out of business!!! Now we are left with a car that we do not want. What are our options in returning the Avalanche to Chevrolet and receiving a fair price. The car is new off the lot, with just the mileage (70) driven back and forth to the dealership and our home. Thank you.”


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