Don’t Get Screwed On Valentine’s Day: Flowers

Valentines Day price gouging makes us frown, so we’re putting together some tips to help you save money… while not seeming cheap. Ok, you might seem a little cheap, but savvy consumerism can be sexy. Ready? First up: Flowers.

Buying flowers from a florist can be pricey, especially on Valentines Day. You can save money (about 40%, according to the big online flower shops) on expensive floral arrangements by ordering early (now).

Don’t buy roses. Roses are boring and expensive. Save money by buying more interesting flowers. (This is somewhat risky, does she/he like tulips? Find out what your Valentine’s favorite flower is.)

Buy a flowering plant. Plants don’t die unless you kill them, so if your Valentine has a green thumb, why not get him/her a plant?

Buy flowers from a local flower shop and hand deliver them. This is the cheapest option, and we think the nicest one too.

Good luck, and remember not to steal flowers from this woman’s yard. Enough is enough. —MEGHANN MARCO