January 29 Is Milton Friedman Day

Mark your calendar for January 29, Milton Friedman Day, a day when the invisible hand of the marketplace takes a break and gives ol’ Miltie a reacharound.

The late Friedman was a leading economist, free-market proponent, and Nobel prize laureate.

The Economist will host a day of web-discussion and there will be a national PBS broadcast of The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman.

Keep track of the events at Miltonfriedmanday.org.


Miltonfriedmanday.org [via Freakonomics]


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  1. konstantConsumer says:

    that reads much better as milton fried man day.

  2. Chris says:

    Coincidentally (or not), last night’s M*A*S*H rerun featured the first appearance of the psychiatrist character (played by Alan Arbus) who periodically visited the 4077. In every episode I’ve ever seen, he was called Sidney Friedman. But for some reason, he was originally called “Dr. Milton Friedman.”

    And thus, TVLand kicked of the celebration of MF Day.

  3. Planet B says:

    Friedman was also an unrepentant douchebag…


  4. I read that article about Chile. While it has lots of fancy graphs, its poorly written. I doubt the author has been to Chile