Kmart T-Shirt Protest Continues; Kmart Pulls Shirt

A “domestic violence” t-shirt that has been causing some uproar in Maine has sparked protest in Toledo, Ohio. From the awesomely named Toledo Blade:

    A T-shirt sold at Kmart stores that shows a boy pushing down a girl and calls the action “Problem Solved” drew more than 50 protesters to the sidewalk in front of the chain’s Alexis Road store yesterday afternoon.

After initially refusing, Kmart has now agreed to pull the shirt.

    Spokesman Kim Freely said: “We’ve heard and respect the opinions of our customers and the item is no longer available at Kmart. And we have no plans to reorder it.”

    She said Kmart had received a few complaints from other areas; the T-shirt was sold nationwide. But Toledo was the only city where she’d heard about a protest.

We suppose this proves that if all else fails, picketing can get it done.—MEGHANN MARCO

Demonstrators protest ‘problem solved’ T-shirts [Toledo Blade]

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