Fake Comcast Worker Flees When Asked For ID

A man pretending to be a Comcast supervisor talked his way into a New Jersey home last Wednesday, but fled when asked for ID.

From the Gloucester County Times:

    The residents in the 1500 block of Good Intent Road had work done at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday by a sub-contractor for Comcast Cable, said police. Although the service technician was driving an unmarked white van, he was wearing a Comcast shirt and had all the proper identification and paperwork for the job, police said.

    Several hours later, a man came to the house and said he was a Comcast supervisor and wanted to inspect the work that had been done, said police.

    The woman who lives in the house allowed the man inside, but her husband immediately asked to see identification, police said.

    The man explained he’d left his ID in the truck, but instead of getting it, he got in the van and drove away, said police.

It sounds like the fake supervisor had been following a real Comcast technician. Always, always, always ask for identification before letting anyone into your home. Even if you have an appointment; even if someone has already been to your home earlier in the day. It’s also a good idea not to be alone in the house when you schedule work to be done. —MEGHANN MARCO

Phony Comcast worker flees after ID demanded [NJ]