Get Ready For High Prices: California’s Citrus Crop “Severely Damaged”

No orange juice for you! Record cold temperatures (huh?) in California have seriously damaged the orange crop. And by damage, we mean “Huge Disaster.” Only 30% of the orange crop was picked before this weekend. What does this mean for the consumer?

    Consumers could feel the effects in higher costs, said Toni Spigelmyer, spokeswoman for Sysco Corp., the nation’s largest food service distributor.

    “We’ve lost about 50% of the orange crops, had significant losses on lemons and it’s going to have an effect on vegetables,” Spigelmyer said. “Basically, what we’re going to see is a tighter supply and much higher prices.”

Whoops. By the way, we don’t even care about this because we are allergic to oranges. Oh, alright we care.—MEGHANN MARCO

$1.1-billion orange crop is severely damaged [LA Times]

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