School District “Doubles As A Giant Pizza Hut”

Childhood obesity epidemic? What? ” As the nation’s only school district now licensed to make pizza under the Pizza Hut name, Corona-Norco gets all the supplies from Pizza Hut: frozen dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni — even the oil squirted onto the dough.

Corona-Norco struck the agreement in 1995, soon after fast-food chains began making their way into U.S. schools. The district had a similar agreement with Taco Bell, but that ended about eight years ago when the chain stopped allowing schools to make its food. “

The school district’s 45 schools make and consume over 1,000 Pizza Hut pizzas a day, more than a week’s output for some single stores. Many of the district’s chefs remember when they used to ” cook from scratch and bake fresh rolls and cookies. Today, they keep up a lighthearted chatter as they spread sauce and shake cheese on dough.” —MEGHANN MARCO

District doubles as giant Pizza Hut [PR]

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