Is iPhone The New Zune? Let The Backlash Begin.

Let the backlash begin: Now that the iPhone has been announced and praised, it’s time to have second thoughts. All before anyone has even properly reviewed one. Hooray for the media.

Chicago Sun-Times: ” User experience will be compromised with a mere five hours of talk time.” “Smudges, scratches and breakage are big issues. Let us hope we don’t have to spend more money and carry special cleaning lotion and buff cloth as accessories!”

New York Times: “Even if you are ready to pledge a lifetime commitment to the iPod as your only brand of portable music player or to the iPhone as your only cellphone once it is released, you may find that FairPlay copy protection will, sooner or later, cause you grief. You are always going to have to buy Apple stuff. Forever and ever. Because your iTunes will not play on anyone else’s hardware.”

Bloomberg: “Few products have been launched with such a blizzard of publicity as Apple Inc.’s iPhone,” Matthew Lynn writes for Bloomberg. “To its many fans, Apple is more of a religious cult than a company. An iToaster that downloads music while toasting bread would probably get the same kind of worldwide attention.,” Lynn writes.

Ohhh, fight! Fight! Let’s all just remember that first generation devices tend to suck, regardless of who makes them. And where can we get an iToaster, anyway?—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. rekoil says:

    I really get annoyed when folks claim that Fairplay will lock up their music forever. What people forget is that it’s perfectly legal, and explicitly permitted, to burn iTunes DRM’ed songs to an Audio CD and then rip mp3s from that CD. I do it myself all the time and the sound quality is comparable as long as you use a high bitrate. Yeah, it’s not a perfect copy, but it’s close enough for me and most other folks who aren’t audiophiles.

  2. The chicago sun times is really the only one of those 3 with a good point in my opinion. rekoil summed up #2, and #3 is just ridiculous (and actually ,bad journalism, depending on its context). The authoer of #3 would be smarter to notice that the “blizzard of publicity” is fueled very little by apple, but is instead riding a wave of excitement all over the news/internet.

    Apple haters are so bitter all the time.

  3. lpranal says:

    1) “Mere”? Considering the Features, the battery life is astounding (IMO), i’d be lucky to get that on any smartphone.

    2)DRM? It still plays MP3s, right? Next.

    3)This isn’t even an argument, its a fallacy.

  4. joopiter says:

    Once I got over my first impression of the iphone (which was pretty much OHMIGOD I MUST HAVE ONE!), I actually started thinking about the same things the Sun Times did. I carry my cell phone in my purse in it’s own little pocket, have never dropped it and pretty much treat it very nicely and it’s still all beat up. I can’t imagine how the hell I’d carry around an iPhone without the same thing happening. That’s going to have to be a pretty indestructible screen. And this is coming from one of the biggest mac-cultists around. I think I’d definitely wait a couple of generations on this before thinking about that kind of investment.

  5. Vinny says:


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  6. I beat the crap out of my cell phones. I would destroy an iPhone, so I won’t even bother. Which is sad, but the way it is.

  7. paul says:

    Now that the iPhone has been announced and praised, it’s time to have second thoughts. All before anyone has even properly reviewed one. Hooray for the media.

    A genius observation! The typical media cycle has played out quickly here. Luckily we’ll get to do this all over again in June.

  8. ignar says:

    What’s wrong with 5 hours talk time? Not that I want longer battery time, but most phones in the market offer less than 5 hours talk time.

  9. rekoil says:

    Also, don’t forget that the Sun-Times op-ed piece was written by a Motorola executive – hardly an unbiased source. Might as well have Dave Cutler write a review of MacOS X.

  10. helio9000 says:

    The backlash should be about the non Fairplay lock-ins. They really are testing just how closed a system people will accept.

    >iTunes DRM’ed songs to an Audio CD

    iTunes tracks already have terrible bitrate quality and a copy of a bad copy sure can’t help.

  11. zl9600 says:

    The post on Consumerist the other day about the cost of the iphone, sorry to say, is just one more example of the pile-on (without even fairly comparing the price of similar functionalities in other PDA’s plus MP3 players). But I won’t even ask what the point was of that ‘price alert’ (like comparing cost of Manolo Blahnak shoes with flip flops). I have a feeling it’s just the same flogging anyone gets for challenging the status quo and asking–horrors–that someone pay for it.

    Apple used to be cheered on for being the little guy. Well now that they are the big guy in terms of MP3 players, certainly capable of making big guy mistakes and being a big asshole company, the ‘Apple’ haters are comin’ out in force. I mostly ignore it until aggregate pieces like this display some of the most misinformed journalism from around the country.

    Rekoil is right, and I’m surprised it would not be disclaimed here the fact the Sun-Times piece is one of the biggest pieces of biased dribble out there from a MOTO exec! Anyone who is cow-towing to the FUD from a competitor is just bowing to the hype to downplay the potential success of a product that…


  12. Citron says:

    I have no interest in an iPhone or anything about them, honestly. I’m in the “I maul my cell phones” camp, so I don’t get any phones that aren’t either free or really cheap.

  13. tmweber says:

    The reason I most likely won’t be getting an iPhone is the sheer cost. After phone, voice and data plans, it’s well over $1000 for the first year of use. Hard for me to justify any time soon.

  14. Skip the iToaster. It won’t let me use regular jam, or butter, on the iToast. You can only use iJelly.

  15. spanky says:

    Why can’t these haters adopt the prudent, wait-and-see approach that we’ve seen from those who might consider purchasing one of these devices?

    If Apple had wanted people to be speculating about a product that will not be released for another six months, they would have arranged for some sort of announcement or something.

  16. olegna says:

    >> 1) “Mere”? Considering the Features, the battery life is astounding (IMO), i’d be lucky to get that on any smartphone.

    When you try to package an all-in-one, you’re abttery life is going to suck, period. I haven’t had much problem with my Treo PDA phone — I would if I used it as my camera and iPod.

    But, what bothers me a lot, is that you can’t replace a battery on this iPhone thingy — you have to mail it into the manufacturer. We all know batteries don’t last as long as they gadgets they’re made to power. This is a really bad industrial design decision from a consumer’s standpoint (well, I mean, consumers who aren’t MacDroids that have weathered noisy fans, overheating MacBooks, aggressive DRM strategies, cracking Nano screens, iTunes Music Store that doesn’t allow you to manage your own queue, etc., etc. etc.).

    I recall a time when everyone (rightly) got pissed when Windows was trying to make everyone use Explorer. Now Apple is trying to make everyone use iTunes, which is a crappy program.

    Like pop music, it’s popularity doesn’t mean it’s good. It means there are a lot of music fans that listen to crappy music.

    Simply put: Apple is a proprietary culture. I use Windows not because I think it’s the best, but because I can use a lot more third-partty apps, and purchase hardware for a Windows system from a numerous vendors, prices, and independent shopowners (or online). I don’t have to go to the Oracle of the AppleStore to change the effing RAM. (Ever tried to change a HD on one of those iMacs where the screen is built into the CPU?)

  17. Funklord says:

    New things are scary. If we all make a concerted effort, we can crush any new product before it comes to market. That way we’ll maintain the status quo, never have to do the hard work of “learning” or “thinking”, and not be scared by novelty. We can instead just keep on purchasing the same products we already have.


    Oh and by the way, most of the complaints seem to be about iTunes, not about the Jesus Phone itself.

  18. Smashville says:

    My problem with the iPhone is that you know within a year of it being released, they’ll release a cheaper version, a smaller version and a version with more features…just like every iPod.

  19. Mr. Gunn says:

    Wow. People were gushing last week and using words like “classic” and “revolutionary”. Now those same people are saying that it’s too soon to judge. Well, which is it?

    I think people got over the “ooh, shiny” thing and realized that the consumer is actually kinda getting screwed over with the lock-in to cingular and no third party apps and no external storage and so on.

    In other words, bloomberg and PeeWee may have a point. I also think the price is going to be dropping to a less smug level somewhat soon.