Verizon C&D’s VerizonMath Tshirts

Verizon’s intellectual property lawyers are demanding the removal of tshirts parodying their inability to tell the difference between .002 cents and .002 dollars. The legal beagles say in their letter [pdf]:

Blue Fish T-shirts’ unauthorized use of the VERIZON Marks constitutes trademark and trade name infringement and unfair competition under federal, state and common law. Such use of the VERIZON Marks conveys the false and misleading impression that your company’s merchandise is sponsored or approved by Verizon or that your company is somehow affiliated with Verizon. Such infringing use violates Section 43(a) of the federal Lanham Act and also tarnishes Verizon’s reputation and constitutes trademark dilution in violation of Section 43(c) of the Lanham Act. There is no justification for your company’s unauthorized use of the VERIZON Marks.

Which can only mean one thing: buy now before it’s too late! — BEN POPKEN

Verizon tries to stop sale of VerizonMath T-Shirts! [VerizonMath]

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