Dear Pantene Pro V Conditioner

Every so often, Tom writes consumer product divisions. The results are always a fascinating look at how little effect sarcasm has upon major corporations.

    Dear Pantene Pro V Conditioner,

    First of all, let me say how much I enjoy your product. Pantene Pro V Conditioner gets rid of pesky tangles and leaves my hair touchably soft. Huzzah!

    I do have a minor quibble. The bottle says Pantene makes hair “up to 85 percent shinier.” But, under the right conditions, my hair is actually 90 to 95 percent shinier after using Pantene. I have taken “before” and “after” photographs as proof (I would be happy to send these to you).

    Please let me know. Shine on!

    All the best,


    Thanks for taking the time to share such kind words! Your reaction is just what we hoped for — I can’t wait to share your comments with the rest of our team.

    Thanks again for writing!

    P&G Team

CONSUMER E-MAIL: Pantene Pro V [Minor Tweaks]