Tigger “Punches” 14 Year-Old Kid, Kid Goes To Hospital

Home video of a New Hampshire family’s trip to Disney world shows Tigger “punching” a 14 year-old boy. “The boy’s father, Jerry Monaco, says the costumed character “sucker punched” his boy Friday as his children posed for a picture. He says his son later experienced neck pain and he took him to a hospital.”

Tigger says it was “self-defense,” and has been suspended from his job. Mr. Monoco lodged an official complaint, but all he’s looking for is an apology from Tigger.

“The general manager apologized to me,” Monaco Sr. said. “Everybody will come up and apologize to me but Tigger. He won’t be a man about it and get out of the costume and come out and apologize to my son. I didn’t want VIP treatment. I didn’t want an extra day at Disney. I didn’t want any of that. I wanted him to apologize and that is the one thing that they won’t do.” —MEGHANN MARCO

Home Video Shows ‘Tigger’ Character Apparently Punching Boy’s Face (with video!) [Local 6]

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