Commenters Slaughtered


flag8 – Sorry, the RIAA is not a law-making body.

somnambulist – PR flack for United/Star Alliance trying to spread disinformation and sow unrest in any United-related post. There’s below the line marketing, and then there’s below the belt. Don’t you have some posterboard to feed into a composter?

Heymoe – If you hate Consumerist so much, leave.

The Tourist – Always takes retailer’s side. Insults consumers. Get back to the floor, young man, there’s VCRs to be sold. Take those hands out of your packet. We’re instituting a new policy where if any other employee or manager catches you with your hands in your pocket, you have to drop a quarter in this jar. At the end of the week, we’ll draw straws to see which manager gets to keep the jar.

scoobydoo – Responds to a post on a neat, consumer-positive, company policy, by half-joking that it will disappear because now thousands of people will abuse it. If that’s true, why don’t we just turn off the blog. Let’s skin fish on Alaskan fishing boats because obviously what we’re doing here isn’t working.

joeylopez, wholzem, bestbuy-staff – Retail trolls. Digg’s detritus.


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