Endless: Amazon Launches A New Brand

Amazon has launched a new site, Endless.com, specializing in shoes and handbags. The site has 250 brands and 15,000 styles and makes the unusual, but tempting, offer of “Free Overnight Shipping.” Really? Really.

This marks the first time Amazon has departed from their brand to launch a new store, so we thought we’d check it out.

The site is decidedly girly in its design. It looks like several malls we worked at in high school, except, you know, it’s a website. The store is less comprehensive than Amazon, even though it uses Amazon’s distribution centers. The first 3 brands we typed into the search were not available: Nike, Lacoste and Frye…but perhaps that’s just because we’re not sophisticated shoe and handbag buyers. While poking around the site, it suggested that we buy “Jessica Simpson Amanda Open Toe Slingback $88.95” We’d just like to point out that we wouldn’t buy Jessica Simpson herself for $88.95, free shipping or no.

Bottom line: If Endless has the shoes you want, the free overnight shipping seems worth it, and there are plans to expand the special search features. Currently one can search by color and size, and soon shoppers will be able to search by heel height. That being said, the major features appear to be the shipping deal and the excellent return policy.

Amazon launches new site for handbags, shoes [Seattle P-I]

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