Make Your Own Ringtone

Save money and have fun by making your own ringtone. We’ve not tried this yet, but we’ll probably give it a shot later this evening. We’ve always wanted the theme to Romancing The Stone. Yes, we are lame. —MEGHANN MARCO

How to make ringtone from songs [Instructables]


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  1. Lacclolith says:

    I’ve been doing this for years using a combination of a Data cable (you can find them on eBay for about ten bucks), an open source program called BitPim (, and Audacity. It’s surprisingly simple, and is a good alternative to this method if you’ve got an older or blocked phone *coughcoughVERIZONWIRELESScoughcough*.

    It also has the added bonus of allowing you to also modify the graphics on your phone and can be used to backup all of the data on your phone… even the text messages, call logs and voice memos. Only problem is that the cables themselves are usually model-specific, so if you’ve got more than one phone you’ll have to get a cable for each one of them.

  2. koath says:

    This is really simple thing and I’ve been doing it for years like Lacclolith has been doing. Most phones anymore let you play .mp3s. I use bluetooth to access the data on my phones. Lets me pull my pictures off or on.

    Granted bluetooth phones aren’t exactly cheap but if you have ones its another option.

  3. I’ve been doing this with my e815 for awhile now. I use bluetooth object exchange or just transfer the files using the memory card. Mind you, this required seem editing because Verizon our greedy bastards.

    As a side note, I’ve found that Audacity’s LAME(that’s the name, not an adjective) mp3 conversion to be kinda lossy. I use Audacity to edit the file in wav format, but usually use iTunes to convert the file back to mp3. For some reason it seems to work better that way.

  4. Adam Pash says:

    Your friendly neighborhood Lifehacker has also covered the DIY Ringtone front before!

  5. Papa K says:

    I used to make my own ringtones on cingular using bluetooth and itunes.

    Now I’m on Verizon, thanks for the tip, Lacclolith! I was annoyed not being able to do this!

  6. Magister says:

    I just edit the MP3 I want on the PC. Then email that to my phone, same as if I was sending a photo. I can then save the MP3 as a ring tone. I did have to go into the secret menu and enable MP3s.

    I have an LG8300 from Verizon. The stupid, but hot sales drone at the store didn’t know how to do it, but got the info from

  7. Brian Gee says:

    The billion dollar ringtone “industry” is just about the biggest consumer rip off going these days. Its insane that people buy 30-second clips for double the price (or more) of an entire song from the iTunes store.

    The way carriers cripple phones to lock people into their ringtone purchase sites should really be illegal. Even if it is trivially circumvented (like all DRM and content control schemes attempted so far) its still unfairly preying on the ignorance of the consumers by spreading disinformation.

    These sorts of howtos should really be in the product manuals, but I’m glad to see them hitting mainstream outlets.

  8. wreckingcru says:

    I can do that with the supplied software with my Moto PEBL. The program is called Motorola Phone tools, and it allows you to create your own MIDI or MP3 ringtones from scratch or by splicing current songs you have…

    my current ringtone is Beta Band’s “Assessment”

  9. Romba says:


    I really like this free and simple tool. It’s a big help if you want to create your own ringtones out of mp3 files.