Sam’s Club Sells Styrofoam Birthday Cake

It was only after cutting that Kavalaris realized Sam’s Club sold his mom a Styrofoam birthday cake decorated with icing. Lansing State Journal reports:

    “Once Jim Kavalaris managed to chisel out the first serving of an unusually hard-to-cut birthday cake, he called out to his mother:


    Kavalaris’ mother, assuming he was just being a brat, conceded that she probably should have gone to a real bakery for a high-quality cake, but she ran out of time, etc., and he should quit complaining …

    “No – look for yourself,” said Kavalaris, motioning for his mother to come closer and see what he meant. “It’s not REAL.”

After a reporter contacted Sam’s Club, the manager gave Kavalaris a refund, a new cake, a letter of apology, and a $100 store gift card.

Lansing family can’t have cake and eat it, too [Lansing State Journal] (Thanks to Jennifer!)

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