Parents Think Bratz Baby Doll Says “Fuck You”

Is there no end to the foul things parents hear their children’s toys say? Already this season Ariel the Mermaid has been accused of calling people “sluts.” Now the Bratz baby is saying fuck you to people. Could it be that the doll is singing “So Cute?” That’s what the lyrics posted on the Bratz website say, but that didn’t stop parents from alerting the media. In the news reports they actually beeped out “So Cute” when they played the song, as if that was going to help parents make an informed decision about whether or not “so cute” sounds too much like “fuck you” for their tastes.

“It’s not a word we say in our house,” says Dawn Hamburg of St. Louis, MO.

Dawn. It’s “so cute.” Sometimes we feel like, for pete’s sake.—MEGHANN MARCO

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