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  1. timmus says:

    Ten years ago I used to constantly have to channel surf away from infomercials. These days I haven’t seen one in years. I have no idea if it’s because I have kids now and have to go to bed like before 2 a.m., or if there’s simply not as many infomercials on as there used to be. Hell, 10 years ago I used to have cable with local channels and now I have DirecTV. Still, though… man, who actually gets suckered by those things these days? The same people still having Tupperware parties?

  2. nicholas01 says:

    Old frickin’ episode. Not to be a Grinch, but this episode aired months ago. Rerun!

  3. When will the consumerist do their own Fake Infomercial?

  4. Tom says:

    The funny thing is, putting Nesquick in capsule form sounds like a pretty good idea, as opposed to having to spoon it out of the container, since if you need to put more in because the milk isn’t chocolaty enough you have to wash and dry the spoon if you’ve already used it to stir, or use another spoon, which is wasteful, and if you spill the powder then it attracts ants…

    No stealing my idea, now.

  5. jacques says:

    I smell an oozinator infomercial coming….
    “I love the feeling of getting ooze sprayed all over my face. Thanks, oozinator!”

  6. jacques says:

    I smell an oozinator informercial coming….
    “I love the feeling of ooze shot all over my face. Thanks, oozinator!”

  7. snowferret says:

    Mmm Nesquik…
    Ever notice how those adds are ALL the same?
    Theres some woman standing in her kitchen botching a perfectly normal everyday chore like chopping celery or takign out the trash and some anoying guy’s voice pipes in with “Are you tired of chopping celery the OLD FASHINED way?” and the overacting woman nods and the guy says “Well fret no more! With the new celery-chop-o-crap 2001 you’ll never have to chop celery again!” and she looks amazed. Then some short body builder we pretend we’ve heard of come on and tells us about how he uses the celery-chop-o-crap 2001 EVERY day and how i got him where he is today, balanced his checkbook and delivered his baby, and not only that but it chops carrots too, not just celery, how bout that? Then they tell you its worth 40$ but they are selling it for only 35.99$ or something, of if your really lucky only three easy payments of 14.99$. BUT WAIT! thats not all, if you act now (not buy but ACT) we’ll throw in this second knife with a retail value of 20 dollars for FREE! Rinse wash repeat repeat repeat…

  8. Solo says:

    Being a Chocolate Snob and all, I like a syrup name u-bet. It’s by far the best I have tasted to make chocolate milk.

    In other news, and slightly more reelevant, you can advertize and sell everything as long as you put the ordinary disclaimer that you don’t diagnose treat or cure any disease, those are actor portrayals and you never claimed these results were typical.

    I watched an infomercial last week, at 2 am, for a product that came this close to claim it was designed for, and could, be curing cancer. The product had miracle in the name.

    Apparently, there is no law against pixie dust remedies, and there is no laws against gullible people to buy them.

    This is one of the rare cases where I would welcome a little bit more of government scrutiny.

  9. Kornkob says:

    timmus: nope, they aren’t going to ‘Tupperware’ parties any more. Now they go to ‘dinner parties’ to hear about an ‘awesome business opportunity’. Either that or Pampered Chef Cooking nights or Mary Kay makeovers.

    Infomercials these days target the late night drunk who’s sitting up thinking ‘my life frickin sucks’ and suddenly someone comes on and speaks to his/her Budwieser soaked brain about this awesome new product that will make their life so much easier and better…..

    Friends don’t let friends watch infomercials.