HOW TO: Fight Fraudulent Credit Cards, Like CCA

Thomas got scammed.

He thought CCA was offering him a credit card with a limit of up to $8,000. Sounded great to use for his new home business.

Turns out it was a total scam and CCA got his SSN and bank account info and auto-deducted three charges of $99.99. A fun ride of dealing with rude and sarcastic reps and unsuccessfully trying to cancel and get his money back ensued.

Inside, his story and our guide to fighting back against companies like CCA or any a slew of other similar scam companies, like CCS, First National Card, Capital Credit Alliance, American Credit, Capital Credit, Capital Choice, Titanium Blue, or First National Credit…

1) Close the bank account they have access to
This prevents further unauthorized charges.

2) Get your money back
Go to your bank. Tell the bank manager a fraudulent company took money from your account. Demand the unauthorized Automated Clearing House transaction reversed immediately. Escalate as many times as necessary.

If your bank is reluctant, RipoffReport advises:

Tell them that you did not authorize the debit, DEMAND that they reverse the ACH transaction in accordance with NACHA and Federal Regulation E rules, and let them know you wish to sign an affidavit of unauthorized/fraudulent account activity. Make it clear to the bank that if they do not assist you, legal and other appropriate actions will be taken against them.

3) Report the crime
File reports with the FBI, FTC, State Attorney General’s Office, and your local police.

4) Next time some bank you’ve never heard of mails you an $8,000 credit line out of the blue, tear up the letter.

Contact info for CCA
CCA Credit Services Division – First National Card – Capital Credit Alliance
P.O. BOX 461001
Las Vegas Nevada 89114-6101
Phone Number:

Thomas writes:

    “Recently I signed up for a service known as CCA.

    Originally when I got this offer, i was completely misinformed. I was told by a sales agent over the phone that the card was just a credit card, with a high credit credit limit up to $8,000.00. I agreed to this considering it was going to be something useful for a home business i was starting. After a half an hour of questions i had about the company I was blind transferred to a supervisor for reasons unknown to me. The supervisor knew nothing of the service. I asked again in assurance that this was just a high yield credit card, the supervisor said yes. After finally figuring out that i was a card that would charge an annual fee of 99.99 I figured that it was a good deal and continued on. I agreed to the verbal agreement, and waited to get my card. I called back 7 days later wanting know when my card would arrive. The lady on the other line, informed me that it would arrive in the next 7 days, she also informed me that it wasn’t a credit card. It was a membership card only to use for their services. At this point I was confused and a little frustrated, the rep assured me that i would get the card, and that the service was great, and convinced me to stay. I waited, and again no card, I called back waited on hold for 20 minutes to get a rep that insisted that the card was lost and they would send another one. This happened 2 more times before I fed up and demanded to cancel everything. The rude female rep on the other line informed me that it was too late to cancel service, then told me to have a nice day and hung up. Even further annoyed I attempted call back. From that point forward for about 2 weeks i was unable to get in touch with them.

    Finally, I got my membership card, and some magazines that they sent me of there products. I briefly looked over the items and decided that I would maybe use this as an idea for Christmas. I called up excited about the service, and got another irritated rep that wanted to have all of my information. My Credit card number, my bank acct number and my entire SSN just for verification. I hesitated but continued the activation.

    About a month later I received a bill, with 3 charges. one for 99.99, one for 99.00, and another for 99.99. The bill didn’t explain the charges, at this point I was concerned that they made a mistake in their billing, so i decided to give them another call. The hold time was endless, finally I heard a break in the hold music, but nothing in the back round, I kept asking if anyone was there, and then the call disconnected. Thinking that was odd, I decided to call back, and 20 minutes later the same thing happened. Finally I got a rep on the line, she was very kind, and asked just for my name for verification and was able to pull up my acct. I asked her what the charges were for and she explained that it was 99.99 for the annual charge, 99.00 for insurance, and an additional 99.99 for some other additional service. At this point I was completely done with this company and decided to cancel service right away, the rep asked me to be placed on hold very politely and then hung up. Out of time now, I decided to give it a rest and call back the next day. This time when i called back another kind rep. I asked if i could cancel service and she stated that I was unable to cancel service at this time, that the charges have already processed. I pressed on demanding to cancel my acct, the rep then stated that I would need to write a letter to their office expressing cancellation. I asked her why we couldn’t do it over the phone, and came back with “I don’t know sir that is just they way it is! Thank you for calling customer service” I then interrupted, and asked what the address was so i could cancel. She rattled off so fast i couldn’t understand it, then when I asked her to repeat, she sarcastically repeated it back.

    Now upset I decided to write the letter to send to them, noticing now I didn’t have my membership number on me. I decided to call back on 12/18/2006, dreading every minute of it. The rep again was rude from the beginning. “can i have your social security number, and name please?” thrown off by the question i asked if i could just verify the last four of my ssn. She said “Sir I need it for verification!, then she sighed. “what is the last four” I gave her the information, and then she asked for my date of birth billing acct number, I asked again why I needed to give such information. she then just asked for the membership id. I told her that, that was what I was calling in for, she rambled it off, I asked her to read it off slowly and in groups of three. she sighed and read it back sarcastically slow. I told her that I was trying to cancel service, she then hung up. At this point I am at my wits end, I canceled my debit card, in hopes that they wouldn’t withdraw from my acct automatically again. I am sending CCA a letter as well explaining my request for cancellation. Any help at all would be appreciated.”