Samsung Parts Department Can’t Tell Left From Right

Peter’s fridge rail cracked. Samsung sent him the wrong rail, then told him he should’ve purchased a “technical parts book” for $35 before placing his order. Samsung refuses to refund his shipping or part, and want to charge him for return shipping, as well as for the proper left rail and shipping.

When Peter asked for the service rep’s supervisor, the rep said that he was the supervisor.

This is BS. Peter needs to call back, state his demands, and demand to speak with the real supervisor. Either/or try for executive customer service.

Peter’s letter and more pix inside…

    “I purchased sometime ago a great Samsung fridge spent about $1200.00, few years later a plastic rail holding a vegetable bin cracked and I called Samsung parts department I said to them that I need a rail assembly for the left side the guy asked again if it’s a left which was kind of strange but I said that I’m sitting right in front of the fridge and yes it’s a left side.

    Few weeks later I got the rail and well it’s the right side even though on the pick slip it is indicated they sent me a left. I called them again but they said that it depends where you standing and my left is actually the right if you are standing behind the fridge and I should order parts book for $35.00 before I order the part because this is a
    “technical part” to see what I need.

    They flat out refused any shipping refund and do not want too pickup shipping and want to charge me for the part and shipping again. I do not care about the money the part was ten dollars and that’s with shipping but they think the five dollar part should be replaced by a repair service because they know that the back of Samsung fridge is actually the front is completely absurd and if anything the repair rep should know to ask if I’m standing behind the

    When I asked to talk to supervisor the rep told me he is the supervisor, I also wrote an email to Samsung directly and they just told me to talk to somebody in parts department so I’m just getting nowhere.

    My question is should I pursue this stupid thing more or should I give up and order the part again and keep the wrong one (it’s not worth sending it back I would pay more that five back to ship this to them)”















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  1. Sudonum says:

    I hate to say this, but you should have told the guy when you first ordered the part “it’s the track on the left as I face the fridge”. Mistakes like this happen all the time. There are a few web sites where you can research appliance parts, with exploded views and manufacturer part numbers. Same thing happens with cars. If you were facing the car and told a mechanic that the car was making a noise on the “left” side would you be talking about the passenger side or the drivers side? Think about it. Your refrigerator is the same thing. It is facing you when you open the door.

  2. rachmanut says:

    See, the problem was one of being not part of the “industry”. We appliance-types of course assume when one says “left” they mean “fridge left.” You know, from the milk’s point of view.

    –exit, fridge left, even!

  3. peter2007 says:

    Samsung did offer to refund $4.75 for the part but would not refund for shipping, also I would have to pay for getting this back to them. Working as CSR and I would never treat my customers like that, but I guess Samsung bottom line is not going to be hurt by somebody that spent thousand dollars few years ago on their equipment.

  4. peter2007 says:

    When original parts rep asked me I did indicate that I’m facing the bin and this is the left rail.

  5. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Situations like this is the reason why I hunt down service manuals and part number books for some of things I own. Folks, these manuals are out there.. for free. There are a handful of sympathetic techs and insiders that leak these out to user forums. It’s just a matter of finding them.

    If Peter wants to pursue this, he should contact Samsung corporate or call a different service center. Kindly explain that he was sent the wrong part and would like exchange it for the correct one. Going into rant mode will probably get him transferred to some random voicemail system.

    In case anyone is interested, here’s the website for ordering miscellaneous Samsung replacement parts.

    Disclaimer: I’ve never ordered from this website, so I can’t comment on quality of service.

  6. buthidae says:

    Ha ha!
    “If you were the apricot marmalade, would it be on your right or left?”

    The irony being that jars are round, and thus are unaware when they are even facing forwards.

    Just to clarify – Samsung want to know which rail it is, from the point of view of a position in which it is not visible, right? I see (boom boom!) how that works…

  7. medalian1 says:

    [quote]Few weeks later I got the rail and well it’s the right side even though on the pick slip it is indicated they sent me a left.[/quote]

    What am I doing wrong, why can’t I do bold and quotes and crap. Anyway if the pick slip shows left and the part says right, then obviously it was their error. I’d callback and complain and refuse to pay out of my pocket. Good luck!

  8. aka Cat says:

    This is why I hate buying anything that comes in mirror-image pairs.

  9. MeOhMy says:

    “Is that my left, or the fridge’s left?”
    Apparently…the fridge’s.

    From an anatomical perspective, this makes sense…maybe the fridge was designed by surgeons?

  10. DAK says:

    It also sounds like the rep tried to clarify which side it was on before completing the order. Still, for $1,200, Samsung needs to just stfu and ship the right part. I hope this isn’t what I’m going to have to expect with the TV I just bought from them.

  11. Sudonum says:

    I’m not in the “industry”, however I’ve ordered enough parts for various things that I know how to communicate with a parts man, either on the phone or in person. EVERYTHING has a front and a back, even that round jar of marmalade, with the big label on the front and the small label with the nutritional information on the back.

    Than being said, after re-reading the post, Peter did tell the CSR, after he questioned which side, “I’m sitting right in front of the fridge and yes it’s a left side” which could/should have been a clue to the CSR. However depending on the tone of voice Peter used when the CSR questioned him, he may not have wanted to question him again.

    Like I said, do a little research before you order parts, or anything for that matter, you may even save yourself some money. And like LaterRinseRepeat said, move it up the chain.

  12. DeeJayQueue says:

    i’m surprised that they send out $.18 plastic rails out as individual pieces. Whenever I’ve had to order parts that were keyed for left and right I got both in the package. I mean what would samsung do with the other rail now? It’s like ordering a left sock.

  13. medalian1, use angle brackets, ”

    Fixing this could be as easy as getting a hold of a different CSR who doesn’t think they are a supervisor but if worse comes to worse he could just keep the wrong part in case the other side does break one day.

  14. Xkeeper says:

    Yeah, you need to use angle brackets (<, >) and not braces ([, ]), this isn’t BBCode. It’s HTML.

    Things like “b, i, u, s” are all the same, but it’s “blockquote” and not “quote”, i.e. “<blockquote>”.

  15. Glahes says:

    parts problem? samsung? cry “GPCA!!!” dont be thrown to J&J.. demand the CSR (customer service rep.) contact GPCA for part number confirmation if any parts problem occurs.

    We have sent somone 3 parts.. he wants a Front Speaker for a Home Theater System. We send the part.. and its only part of it.. we do it again and again..

    here comes me.. contacting GPCA
    GPCA.. The part can be broken into 2 parts combined.. we have sent one of the 2 parts every time.. the situation is realized and resolved when GPCA is contacted.. i think.

    well thats the best way to go anyways…

  16. Willow says:

    My husband bought a 42″ plasma flat screen TV. The picture was good…..for the less then 24 hours that it worked. So he called the company…….and was told he would have to pay a service fee.

    After explaining that the TV was less then 24 hours old he was then told he would have to fax in the receipt. (we don’t have a fax machine and live in a small town that doesn’t have a place to pay for a fax). So after hooking up with an on line fax company he faxed it in, then was told it would take 2 days for them to process it!!!! After more searching, he found a place where he could fax it and it got processed right away. He called the next day and was told it would take 2 days to find a repair service. After the 2 days he called back and was told it would take an additional 10 to 14 days for service!!! We then called the place where he bought it and found out we could take it back there, they would refund our card and we could buy a different brand all it one day. What a concept!!!! Needless to say we will never buy another Samsung product and we will also tell all our friends how we feel, not to mention posting it on line for anyone we don’t know to read about.

  17. Stop2ThinkABit says:

    FYI… Samsung does not sell parts directly to consumers. J & J International, which IMO lack in the customer service dept., is a 3rd party company that you speak to when you call 1800Samsung and press the prompt to get parts. Try this number: 866.420.7278…they are way more professional and courteous.