Organize Your Holiday Crap

We know you’re sitting there at your computer looking at a huge pile of Holiday crap. Where will you put it? This week is the best time to get organized. We know it seems impossible, but it’s not. Real Simple has some nice tips for storing all your decorations in a neat organized way. Here are some we like:

•Instead of throwing away used gift wrapping and tissue paper, run it through a paper shredder and use the fluffy strips as packing filler when you’re putting away your decorations.

•Use “fresh” decorations that you can simply recycle or compost at the end of the holiday season.

•”Candles should be put away flat, out of light, and in a fairly cool area to prevent warping and preserve color.” Or, rather than using “holiday candles” just buy neutral ones that can be used all year.

• Lights all tangled? Take an empty coffee can, cut a slit in the plastic lid, and put the receptacle end of the light cord through it. Wrap the string around the can, store extra bulbs and extension cords inside, then replace the lid.

Or you could shove it all in a huge 50 gallon trash can like our family did. —MEGHANN MARCO

Storing Holiday Decorations [Real Simple]