Travel Prices To Rise in 2007

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that travel prices will rise, in some cases dramatically, in the new year. Due to the weak dollar acting as a siren song for European tourists, tourism from the old country will increase 5%, to over 54 million visitors. What does this mean to you? More expensive hotels. American Express is estimating that already pricey New York hotels will raise their rates by 18%, Domestic coach airfares will rise 3 to 5 percent, and across the nation hotel prices will increase 2 to 8 percent. —MEGHANN MARCO

Travel forecast ’07 [SFGate]


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  1. weave says:

    It also makes going overseas far more expensive for us too. Last Summer I was in UK and the prices were painful. Now the Pound is 25 cents more expensive than just last Summer. Horrible.

  2. Sirened says:

    Next time you see a drunk Swede lost in your backyard tell him thanks.