Northwest Airlines Pulls Carmelo Anthony Issue of Inflight Mag

In a shameless attempt to get their logo on TV, Northwest airlines has pulled the December issue of their inflight magazine, because the cover featured brawling douchebag Nuggets star, Carmelo Anthony.
“Northwest does not want to appear to condone in any way the behavior of some of the players during Saturday’s game, including Mr. Anthony, by continuing to offer the current edition of WorldTraveler,” the airline said in a statement.

Don’t worry, consumers, you won’t be left mag-less. Northwest is replacing Carmelo with the January issue. No word on whether United has plans to pull their special “Spitting T.O.” Christmas Edition of Hemispheres. —MEGHANN MARCO

Northwest Airlines pulls ‘Melo magazine [MSNBC]


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  1. Smoking Pope says:

    Gotta give some love to the Freakonomics blog, where (I believe) this story originally came from.

  2. mark duffy says:

    “if we didn’t pull this issue, the terorists would have won again.”
    -Northwest PR rep

  3. Kornkob says:

    *shrug* I don’t see the problem. They put his face on the front, he got involved with something they don’t want their brand associated with, they pulled the mag.

    All above board, zero imapct to their customers and nothing, really, standing out as something they did wrong.

  4. acambras says:

    Just tear off the cover, rip out the Carmelo stuff, and leave me the Sudoku.