Winterize Your Car

The winter solstice is tomorrow and that reminds us…you should winterize your car. You know. Because it’s winter.

You should consider:
• Flushing the coolant system
• Replacing your wiper blades
• Replacing your battery if it’s more than 4-ish years old
• Checking your tires/Switching to snow tires if you live someplace hilly/snowy
• Getting that 30,000 mile check-up you’ve been putting off
• Changing your oil
• Putting jumper cables in your car, as well as a first aid kit and a blanket. Even if you don’t need it, you could help someone!
• Checking to make sure your jack and spare tire are in good working order
• Testing the 4-Wheel drive.

Happy winter driving! —MEGHANN MARCO(Photo courtesy William Selman, Thanks!)

How to Winterize Your Car
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