We Reupload Fake Sony PSP Blog

We reuploaded the fake Sony PSP blog for your reference purpose pleasure. The new address is alliwantforxmasisapspflog.com.

Our fake blog, or “flog,” is a mirror image of how the site appeared as of the late evening of 12/12/06, shortly before Sony pulled it down. Comments, videos, sound files and images are included. Adding comments is disabled.

Many thanks to reader something_amazing for helping dip in amber this important piece of internet poo. — BEN POPKEN

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Greg Meyerkord Interviewed-ish
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  1. Wow, I hadn’t had a chance to see that while it was still up.

    Incredibly insulting to the intelligence of their customers.

    We’re supposed to believe that individuals who type like retarded monkeys and have a combined intelligence that would rival only a turnip would, at the same time, also have the graphic design skills to turn out wildly banal yet magazine-quality promotional materials? That they would go to the trouble of making iron-on t-shirt designs?

    Schadenfreude isn’t attractive, but I’m definitely enjoying the Fall of Sony. May it be swift and brutal.

  2. GOOR says:

    Honestly, who on Earth would have thought these slick graphics and professional photography (no matter how amateurish the video looks) could possibly from some random jerk-off with nothing better to do than beg his friend’s parents to buy a PSP for him?

  3. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I love the image that says “This is not an ad”

    Funny stuff. I would think someone creating a dedicated website, and all this effort, would bother using the shift key.

  4. mrbenning says:

    If you look at the cost of getting a domain name, the computer to set up the site, the digital camera to film the crappy videos, the editing software for those videos, the hosting costs, the instruments, mixing software for the music, yadda yadda yadda, the PSP doesn’t look so pricey at $200-$250. Maybe Sony should have thought about that.

  5. spinachdip says:

    It’s kinda shocking this even got past the brainstorming stage?

    And to would-be floggers out there – don’t ever, ever try to write in the voice of a teenager. Real teenagers (and well, pretty much anyone under 45) can sniff that shit out almost instantly.

  6. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I could tell it was fake, as soon as he said all his friend wanted was a PSP.

  7. 24fan24 says:

    I am not trying to bash the reposting of this blog (I support republishing it), but I was wondering if this is legal in terms of copyright?

  8. 24fan24: I imagine that is actually grey area, much like archive.org has had to deal with– regardless they would have to serve a DMCA takedown notice prior to any legal action taking place.