Help! Apple Denied My Class-Actioned iPod Battery Claim!

Apple hates fixing their bust-ass iPod batteries for free, even if a class action suit tells them to, but there may be a workaround.

Andrew submitted his warranty claim over 18 months ago. On December 11, Apple denied his claim because his
“proof of purchase does not specifically identify the transaction as one for an ipod.” When he calls the claims phone number, it simply says, “the time for claims has passed.”

Before we go any further, here’s the cutting to the chase: We advise Andrew call Apple Investor Relations at (408) 974-3123. Tell them you own Apple shares and pitch them your story. Maybe they will help you out. If not, you could always relieve your stress by putting your defunct player in a blender.

A pic of Andrew’s denied claim and more of his story, inside…

When Andrew called Apple customer service, they said they have nothing to do with class action suits or dealing with claims. Apple told him to call the claim number. The number that when you call it, simply has a recording saying, “the time for claims has passed.”




Somehow “iPod 10GB MP3 Player for Mac and Windows” doesn’t describe an iPod well enough. — BEN POPKEN

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