Home Depot Improvement Scams Father Of 2 Premature Babies

Don MacAskill (pictured) is sitting in an unfinished $130,000 kitchen with two prematurely born babies. Home Depot said the kitchen would be done 9 months ago by Owens Corning HOMExperts . The home improvement store assured him that, “being a large corporation, they would have lots of control and organization around the project, and the contractors would be incentivized to finish the job quickly and thoroughly.”

Don, CEO of photo-sharing site SmugMug, blogs,

    “About once a month, if I’m very lucky, some contractor from Owens Corning HOMExperts comes over for an hour or two and screws a few things together. They came yesterday, for example, and tried to finish a few projects. Of course, what they ended up accomplishing was zero, and actually managed to damage some stuff…”

Calls to HomeDepot and Owens Corning go unanswered and so Don opened a BBB case…

A commenter on Don’s blog post advises calling the Home Depot Atlanta Store Support Center at 770-433-8211, pressing zero, sneaking through the IVR maze, and asking the operator for the President of Home Expo, and, “If all else fails, ask to speak to Big Bob (Bob Nardelli) himself.”

While we have a partial inclination to say mean things about people who can afford $130,000 kitchens, Home Depot is the far greater evil. Then again, if you can spend $130 k on a kitchen remodeling, you can go with a higher grade contractor than one offered by Home Depot. Ask a friend with a $130,000 kitchen where he got his work done. — BEN POPKEN

Worst. Service. Ever: Home Depot & HOMExperts [SmugBlog]


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  1. homerjay says:

    Okay, I haven’t read all the details of his blog, but being in the kitchen business myself, I have to ask- WHY would ANYONE spend $130K on a kitchen FROM HOME DEPOT?? You go to Home Depot to buy screws and paint and if you only want to spend $5000, you can remodel your kitchen there, too.
    But come on. Home Depot is wrought with subcontractors and day laborers and you have NO idea who will be showing up and when.

    What an expensive mistake. I feel for him, but if you’ve got that kind of money, you should really know how to spend it wisely.

  2. dantsea says:

    Fifteen months and he still doesn’t have his kitchen, plus he paid for it all on a no-interest (unless you default) affinity credit card from the same place? This man has more money than he does common sense.

    Don, it’s time to step away from the keyboard and call a lawyer. They’re playing you for a chump BECAUSE YOU’RE ACTING LIKE ONE.

  3. ElizabethD says:

    Just for using the nonword “incentivizing,” Home Depot is now the enemy. Marketing-speak: the bane of editors everywhere.

  4. The_Truth says:

    wow, 130K kitchen, wow, massive delays and sitting around bitching about it on a blog, wow just wow…

    If I was dumb enough to spend 130K on kitchen in the first place, I would be damn sure to make sure I was getting everything I wanted. Why? BECAUSE I JUST PAID $130,000!!!

    Dumb ass.

  5. Bobg says:

    I recently built a $3.3 million home for a customer. The center island had a granite counter top with two sink cutouts. Just that counter top cost $13,000 (and the kitchen contractor broke it twice installing it.) There were three other counter tops in that kitchen. There were two of every appliance (all super high-end) and a $5,000 coffee maker. I can understand how a kitchen can cost $130,000.

  6. acambras says:

    A $5000 coffeemaker?

    Suddenly Starbucks is looking a lot cheaper.

  7. misskaz says:

    Oh I get it, consumers that make over $x or spend over $y don’t deserve to be treated well. Good to know.

  8. Ran Kailie says:

    Oh I get it, consumers that make over $x or spend over $y don’t deserve to be treated well. Good to know.

    Yeah I was wondering that myself, my dad easily has spent that much into remodelling his home, though he did all the work himself. So because he is able to makes him the enemy?

    People get screwed by contractors all the time, not just Home Depot (though they’re worse then most), grats to this guys for being able to afford that much and take care of his kids.

    I would definitely contact a lawyer, get your contract with Home Depot read by a professional, and try contacting the company president.

    Didn’t a news station recently do a expose on Home Depot home remodelling contracting? Might be worth it to contact that news station, even if not in your area, they make have some leads on contacts.

  9. ArtlessDodger says:

    I thought that the consumerist was about fighting for consumers. Seriously, even if you think that this guy was an idiot for trusting his presumably high end kitchen to home depot contractors, it does not make him worthy of all the flack some people are giving him. Many people, however deluded, believe that home depot is a quality home improvement store. Many people are not as sophisticated as some of the commenters on the consumerist and simply don’t know better. However, once you start blaming the consumer for a terrible experience, then there is a problem. Sorry, just my 2 cents.

  10. Magister says:

    I think it is like the hippy college kids that make fun of those that drive Hummers. They are jealous and don’t feel those that do well in life deserve the same protections as those that feel they are lower on the social ladder.

    Why wouldn’t this guy feel alright using Home Depot? They are a HUGE company, heck, I would feel better since I should be able to appeal to corporate for assistance. Hope posting here will give him some relief.

  11. orielbean says:

    I don’t think Ben was being all that mean… At any rate, it always reinforces what my contractor friend says about the Depot. “They will undercut you all day long, so any estimate I offer will always look less. I wait until they screw up and the owner calls me back to fix the mess.”

    He is a very good worker who is honest about what he is making on a job and does amazing work at the going rate. Word of mouth is really the only way to go with contractors, mechanics, and doctors.

    They fix your essential stuff and make life better – do your research and don’t cut corners!!! I cannot emphasize this enough. If you are in a rush you get shoddy work or overcharged every single time. Use your heads people!

    I bet this guy was under the gun to get other things done in his busy, and so he wasn’t able to get good estimates or competent advice from those around him. Home Depot waits for people like him to come along, and then drop him in the tiger pit of delay, delay, delay. Good luck!

  12. bambino says:

    Magister – Maybe some people (including high-paid intellectuals such as tenured professors) believe that Hummers are simply bad for the environment. Ever thought of that?

  13. Hummers are just dumb…unless you get a real one…not the GM knockoffs, then they’re cool.

    I think the point most posters were making is that spending $130k on a kitchen is a pretty large expense. Does he deserve better treatment from Home Depot? Damn right. However, if he let it go this far this long, he hasn’t been minding his money very well. And anyone with $130k to throw around should be a little better at managing their money. Then again, there are a lot of people out there, trust fund babies I believe their called, who never had to learn to manage their money. These contractors are no doubt making out like bandits, and more power to them…they knew a mark when they saw one.

  14. Chris says:

    I can’t believe someone would to this to a guy WITH TWO PREMATURE BABIES!!!!!