Continental Airlines: Thanks for the 4 oz of Coke

We flew to South Carolina this weekend because we heard they have some nice weather there. We flew Continental airlines, which we do not normally do. Drink time came around and we asked for a Coke. We got a glass of ice with some Coke poured around it…and no can. The airline we usually fly (which shall remain nameless) gives us the entire can. This lady took it with her. Now, we realize this is their policy, but we were in the second to last row. What if no one else wanted a Coke? There are only three people back there. Why should we have to share our Coke with those guys? We hate those guys! They put their stupid fleece jackets in the overhead compartment and then shut it like it was full. It wasn’t full. Why should they get our remaining Coke? We listened for their orders. All juices! The Coke went unconsumed. We should have offered to buy it off the flight attendant. This was our mistake. Now we had to spend the rest of the flight wondering what was becoming of 2/3rds of a open can of Coke. Damn you, cheap airline. Damn you. —MEGHANN MARCO