Continental Airlines: Thanks for the 4 oz of Coke

We flew to South Carolina this weekend because we heard they have some nice weather there. We flew Continental airlines, which we do not normally do. Drink time came around and we asked for a Coke. We got a glass of ice with some Coke poured around it…and no can. The airline we usually fly (which shall remain nameless) gives us the entire can. This lady took it with her. Now, we realize this is their policy, but we were in the second to last row. What if no one else wanted a Coke? There are only three people back there. Why should we have to share our Coke with those guys? We hate those guys! They put their stupid fleece jackets in the overhead compartment and then shut it like it was full. It wasn’t full. Why should they get our remaining Coke? We listened for their orders. All juices! The Coke went unconsumed. We should have offered to buy it off the flight attendant. This was our mistake. Now we had to spend the rest of the flight wondering what was becoming of 2/3rds of a open can of Coke. Damn you, cheap airline. Damn you. —MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Did you ask for the whole can? I always do, and they never say no (on any airline).

  2. Magister says:

    I was going to post the same thing. You can almost always get the full can if you ask. Especially since you were at the back of the plane. You aren’t allowed to complain if you don’t even ask. The airlines have been pouring drinks like that for years now.

    I have had frequent flyer status on airlines for the last 11 years, so I do notice stuff like this. Generally they don’t give out the whole can because there isn’t room for the individuals in the back unless they have the tray table up.

  3. MarcAnthony says:

    Stupid Continental Airlines…Thats Coke Abuse, there should be some sort of Department of Social Service to report Coca Cola abusers!!!

    Mexicana Airlines did the same to me when I flew to GDL a few months ago!

  4. Hoss says:

    Note: also file under “Filler” and “Petty”

  5. Phyltre says:

    What you planning on doing in South Carolina? Need any tips? Heck, I’m available as a guide right now! You have to stop by the Horseshoe at USC campus, it’s only a few miles from the airport.

  6. jacques says:

    I got the same treatment on UAL last weekend. I was in the last row of economy+ (it was either that or last row of the plane, middle seat), and the cart serving me stopped after my row since the economy section has their own cart. I even asked for the can, and was told that policy said I couldn’t get one.

  7. RulesLawyer says:

    “What can I get you to drink?”

    “I’d like a can of Coke, please.”

    This has always worked for me.

  8. CockeyedOptimist says:

    Continental is far and away my favorite domestic airline. I think you guys get a little too bitter sometimes. P.S. next time you might want to check that seat assignment in advance so you dont sit by the cesspool that is the back of the plane.

  9. BelBivDevolkswagen says:

    I flew Continental over the Thanksgiving holiday and they definitely gave me the entire can of Coke without me even asking. Hell, I’ll take Continental over any of the other major airlines (save JetBlue, of course). I once got a bag of peanuts on a UAL flight (maybe a year ago) and there were literally three peanuts in the bag. I almost started a mutiny!

  10. permissionmag says:

    What is with all the “we” action here? Are you multiple people, do you have a split personality disorder, or perhaps it’s the royal “we” of the Queen?

    I’m guessing from the fact that only one Coke is involved, that only one person is involved.

    It’s totally ok to say “I” and “me” – I can see your name right there, I know this wasn’t written by a hive mind.

  11. MostNutsEver says:

    I also welcome you to South Carolina. Charleston specifically. Hope you enjoy your stay (the weather has been great lately)

  12. acambras says:

    Haven’t you heard? Ben is very fond of “the royal ‘we.'”

  13. LTS! says:

    No, the royal “we” is the cliche way to write. Of course it smacks of the same snobbish air that the royalty exudes when they use it.

    Do we get to write a Consumerist article on the advantages of actually ASKING for something?

    Finally, while I can actually understand them not wanting to give you a piece of aluminum for some strange security fear I have never been turned down when I asked for more as well.

  14. I’m guessing permissionmag is new ’round here.

  15. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I find this post title very missleading! I thought Continental was giving out illegal drugs.

  16. cooper says:

    Two points:
    1. I (perhaps in the minority) actually prefer that they not give me the whole can. It’s just too much to juggle on that tiny tray and an accident is bound to happen if the tray has to accomodate a flimsy plastic cup, can of soda, and whatever book/laptop/etc I am using.

    2. Like the others here, I have never been denied more soda if I request it. Try asking next time. I have never heard of or experienced a 1 soda limit on any airline.

  17. Musician78 says:

    Haven’t you all read what happens to your body after drinking a Coke? You should be grateful that Corporate America is helping to save your sorry asses. *Cracks open another Pepsi*

  18. acambras says:

    AlteredBeast — that’s only in first class.

  19. CMPalmer says:

    I usually ask for the can unless I’m like the first few people served on a sold out flight. I always ask for “no ice” and that is usually a hint that I want more than 2oz. If I don’t get the can, at least I get a full 6-8oz cup and it’s usually cold enough.

    The worst trend I know of (I can’t remember the airline) is the selling of “snack boxes” on long flights instead of meals. I was on a flight from Denver to Philadelphia and I was starving and didn’t have time to grab something at the airport. I shelled out $8 (I think) for a bag of chips, a pack of crackers, a tiny sliver of cheese, and a Slim-Jim type sausage.

    Also, it was “exact amount only” and I only had a $20. The flight attendant took my money with a grimace and said that she “might be able to get me some change”. It was over an hour before she brought my change. Are they worried about being mugged if they have some change on them?

  20. missdona says:

    Asking is wonderful trick. My oft-hungry husband will ask for extra…muffins/peanuts/pretzels and he’s never been denied.

  21. cindel says:

    That’s really news to me; when did they start doing that? Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but they always give me the can.

  22. Amry says:

    I’ve alternately recieved cans and not recieved cans on a variety of airlines. I have a feeling this is one of those things that isn’t hard policy, but varies from flight to flight and attendant to attendant.

    And winter still exists in South Carolina, believe it or not.

  23. castlecraver says:

    As great is Continental is for providing snacks, I’d think the Consumerist doth protest too much. My last Continental flight (last week) scored me a little turkey sandwich, some Ruffles, and a bag of M&Ms (plus the soda). That surely beats the hell out of a tiny satchel of pretzels.

    Furthermore, yeah, if you wanted the whole can, you could have asked. Plus, you’ve got the call button if you want to ask for another drink after you’ve finished with the first one, if you haven’t started your approach by then.

    Lighten up guys. There’s a LOT more you could pick on re: airline cost-cutting. Continental is one of the least offensive, and your complaint about the soda serving size, much like the small cups themselves, doesn’t hold much water.

  24. Magister says:

    I am in Columbia SC too!!

  25. terrin81 says:

    Just an FYI, Delta does the same thing. What is worse, instead of throwing those little plasic cups and little plastic containers that your snack comes in (on longer flights) away, they actually stack them up and save them. I have even seen the flight attendant pull cups and plastic container things out of the garbage.

    One can hope that Delta has started recycling, but my impression is that they reuse the containers (cleaned preferably)…

  26. dibbers75 says:

    It was quite possibly the last Coke they had and the flight attendant was in the bathroom chugging it down before you asked for a refill. She can’t lie?! No, that really sucks, I know how it feels to really want a refreshing drink and not be able to savor it to the last drop. Damn them. Next time, fly into my home state of NC and I’ll buy you a case of Coke to share on the flight!

  27. rlee says:

    Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial “we.”

    — Mark Twain

  28. if you don’t have anything to write about, how about not writing.

  29. zakb7 says:

    The positive comments I see above show me one thing – that many of us are beaten down as airline customers, pummeled into nodding submission by years of crappy service, cramped planes and bad flying experiences.

    Fly on Delta, United, American, Continental and you get some crappy, 25 year-old, cramped 727 or MD-88 where anyone taller than Tom Cruise is uncomfortable. The person in front of you is in your lap if they lean their seat back. There’s a line for the bathroom.

    Continental played movies on my recent Newark to Seattle flights; but they have the two-pronged headphone jacks so nobody can plug in their earbuds. Want the right headphones? That’s 5 dollars, cash only. I mean come on, 5 dollars to watch the movie on a 7-inch screen from three seats away? Who carries cash any more? Weak.

    Even weaker is their customer service. I had to stand in line in Newark for 2.5 hours (really-with only 20 people in front of me) when I missed my connection due to weather. Standing there, staring at all the J.D. Power posters declaring that Continental Airlines had the highest ratings in customer satisfaction. Of course, they’re the ones who give every new car a “best in class” award so that they can show the trophy in their print ads. I have a vision of J.D. Power as being one phone, 25 employees and a room full of printers to make posters.

    Concur with the post about 4 oz drinks – don’t make me beg for it. Just give it to me.

    I had the pleasure of flying Jet Blue recently. Roomy seats, no first class, good service all around. DirectTV at the seat. Excellent.

    So please, everyone, stop telling me that I should be a good little boy and grin and bear it when the major airlines tell me to grab my ankles. We don’t have to put up with it, do we? Is it any wonder they’re all filing for bankruptcy?

  30. oddballout says:

    Sipping on the blue kool-aid a bit too much are we? You’re absolutely correct. You don’t have to put up with it. We know you have a choice when you fly and thank you for sitting on our tarmac for 10 hours, no toilets, no food or drinks (coke or otherwise). Here’s 25 bucks towards your future travel. Choose wisely.